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Jan 10, 2004
Hello Guys,

Have Dishnetwork now but am thinking of switching to Direct because of all the promblems with the 811 rec. Expecting to rec one in a day or two but am seriously thinking of sending it back. Any thoughts? Anyone have a 811 and not having problems?
I'm an existing Dish customer with Samsung OTA HDTV, I was thinking of getting the 811 with their HD package. After hearing all the bad things, I think I will go with DirectTV with the Samsung 160 receiver. I am very happy with my Samsung receiver now and don't anticipate any problem with the 160, I particularly want the DVI out. Magnolia TV has a promotion of the Samsung 160 and up to 3 other non-HD receivers for 399.00 installed with 1 yr commitment of DirectTV HD package. That's better than anything Dishnetwork will offer me, not to mention I think the Samsung is a superior receiver.
I called D* yesterday to see what they have that is comparable to E*'s HD package/receiver. Was told I would have to buy the receiver at $399, but was only for existing customers. At that price, I'll wait on the 811.
Only problem i have had with 811 is occasional freex up, to which a hard reset fixed it. This has happened 2-3x on about 4 weeks. other than that, all is well with my 811....good PQ (guide data sucks though....only goes out about 3 hours...supposed to be 2 days)
I have the 811 and even with the FEW problems it has, it sure beats $400 with D*.

Out of the 20+ problems noted with the 811, I probably have 5 of them.

I can live with all of them anyway, they are not major like it burns your house down or anything.

Get the 811 and save your $400!
I also have an 811. My only problems are guide only a couple of hours, recall from local channel back to satellite channel only works occasionally, and I've lost sound a couple of times in 4 weeks ( easy fix' change the channel ). No darkness issues, ota mapping issues, ect. Overall, very pleased.
Those are basically my only problems too.

I came from cable which didn't have a guide, so not much loss to me there, the recall isn't that big of deal, although I do want it fixed, and the sound loss is more annoying than a problem.

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