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James leandre

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Jul 25, 2007
26.4 N, 81.4 W
How is Everyone doing today?

My latitude is 26.4N, Longitude 81.4W .I used the Declination Angle Chart at www.Geo orbit.org while pointing at Zenith Angle (true south) the elevation was set to 26, Declination set 30. I then adjusted elevation to locate true south satellite. I located my true south sat at 83.0w AMC 9C. On my 7.5 mesh C-Band satelllite dish I'm tracking 103.0w, 105 w AMC 18, 107.3 W, 113W SATMEX 6,
116.8 W SATMEX 5, 83 W AMC 9C,87W AMC3, 91W G17C, 95G 3C, 99.2W G16. I can't seem to find other C-Band Satellites beside those. What do you guys think that I'm doing wrong. I've posted some pictures.


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Dec 19, 2005
Try 72. But I would move dish more towards 82 to match longitude to improve your arc

Long Hair

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Jun 17, 2009
I guess you can get sat's to the west of your true south,but not east of it? Make sure your dish is at it's zenith when you hit sat 83(your true south). Other than that, looking at picture 6 it looks like your lnbf may not be in the center. This is just a guess because of the placement of the support arms on the back of the scaler ring. Hope this info help's and good luck.


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Dec 26, 2006
You might also go to the intelsat website and check the footprint maps of the other satellites you might be misssing. See if you are in a good part of the footprint for your size dish-it could be that you are in a weaker part of the print and need a bigger dish. More signal = more better!!

FaT Air

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Feb 27, 2010
97W 48N
I'm with longhair, Use the same hole in the arms, along with the holes in the scalar that are in the same groove. Appears to be using an inner and an outer hole in opposite arms. Whoops, just looked closer, slots, adjust till they are equal. Location: 26.4, -81.4
Modified Dec chart shows ~ 3.81° for delclination. And you polar elevation angle to be ~26.56 . The measurement on back of dish would be 26.56 + 3.8 = 30.36 (at Zenith) which is sat arc elevation at zenith (90 - 30.36) 59.64°.
Dishpointer puts 83W at Elevation:59.1° Which is ~3-4° from zenith. Which will "drop" the dish face slightly.
I'd decrease the angular difference between the polar axis and the dish (declination) slightly as you've got >>elevation was set to 26, (elevation plus)Declination set 30<< 4°. I'd shoot for just slightly under 4 difference between polar axis and dish.
With the dish just a smidge west of Zenith, find 83(twist mount on pole) and adjust elevation for max.
Go to western satellites and, using the actuator and twisting the mount on the pole(Azimuth adjustment) try and maximize your Q readings. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR ELEVATION. Once peaked, try further west. and do azimuth adjustment again. Once peaked on the furthest west sat, Put a mark on the mount, and transfer it to the pole. Snug up the mount slightly, don't lock it down. Check operation to the east. Should be fine, If all is well, lock it down. If not, azimuth adjustment on the east, and mark the pole with the mark on the mount, Will be two marks on pole for the one on the mount. And take a look here: Footprints by Dish Size - Adjusting the Polar Mount for Prime Focus Antenna Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

Lone Cloud

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May 23, 2008
It could be something as simple as this: You are 1.6 degrees off of your due south satellite. You already know, if you get those satellites you mentioned, how many "clicks" there are per degree.

Say there are 12 clicks per degree on your system. 12 x 1.6 = 19.2 clicks off of zenith. So maybe if you get your zenith dish position exactly, multiply 1.6 times the number of clicks per degree you have, and then move your dish west that exact number of clicks.

Then find 83 west only by rotating the dish on the pole, using the pole like an axle. Then maybe you will be able to grab stuff all the way down to 140 west.

It's how I do it. I get everything from 55.5 west to 139 west.
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Jan 28, 2010
London Ontario Canada
Hi James.

Sorry to hear your not getting all the birds. It can be a frustrating hobby sometimes. Geo is a good site with great info. I agree with the advice already given but wanted to add some more. Having looked at your pics and reading your post I have some suggestions. In your post you said you put your dish at zenith then adjusted elevation to peak signal. I think this is in error. Put your dish at slightly west of zenith then set elevation and declination to 26 and 30. Then adjust azimuth of the mount on the pole to peak your true south sat.

Looking at your pics you don't have near enough declination. This is why in pic # 7 the angle of the dish mount ring and the elevation bar look parallel. In pic # 4 your declination is set at 27 instead of 30. Also in pic # 8 it looks like your pole isn't plumb (off by 2 degrees).

I have confidence you can get it set right and enjoy all of what's up there :)

Best wishes,

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