C/KU setup options

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Jul 13, 2006
87W 40N
I know i can slave my Uniden & CS together, but to get c band, i have to go into the menu on the CS and change the lnb freq on the sat i want to watch. So i'm thinking of just leaving the CS alone for just the KU bands and getting another setup for just the C band. Heres what i'd like to do...Pickup a v-box III to run the superjack, get a BSC421 or Chaparral Micropak 3G lnbf, (no servo wires?) and hookup a Pansat 2800a (friend has one to get rid of) and leave all the sat settings in that receiver for the C band. That way i can just change the imput on the tv as to which "band" i want to watch. I just want to get the FTA stuff and not have to subscribe to anything (thats what i have E* for) Will this work?? Any other ideas?
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