* C Local Oscillator value?

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Nov 5, 2003
I know this is not FTA but I was wondering if any one can help with this question................Does anyone know the Local Oscillator value of the Starchoice LNB used for 107°W and 111°W?

Even an email address of someone technical at StarChoice would help.
Thanks Tony, thats what I thought, maybe I should just have PM'd you, its for the company that programs my satellite meter for me they were asking for some info, I try to help them when I can as its an amazing tool and I would not leave home without it!
They make them in the UK, and they program them for you to suit what satellites you use in your area, the * C question was not on my behalf, I guess there are some installers "up north" that use the same meter, they send you the program by e-mail and you download it onto your satellite meter, I love my satellite meter as it "Names" the satellite when you find it, and it only takes seconds to find any of the included birds, and as you know you want to find and tune in the satellites as quick as you can in these parts in the winter time! Or in summer time for that matter! Hope you are having a nice day.
I remember seeing that meter when you installed my motor. It was a nice one

Just giving you crap, that's all :D
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