CAMC errors, DirecTV System Failure Update

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Nov 13, 2004
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Okay heres an update guys. The official word is there was actually a minor earthquake where the camc is located, which is actually what caused the problems. There has been a lot of speculation as to what, and all of us who work there assume the system overloaded due to the Jan 5th integration of NRTC accounts into our primary billing system. Not the case it would seem. At least this is the word that is going around currently. Other things that I have heard are the NRTC overload thing, Bad weather conditions at the CAMC site, and that they are doing away with the system altogether. The earthquake story has been confirmed by several of the higher ups. I'll leave it up to you to decide what you think happened. All I know is, whatever it was, did a number on a few accounts.

We weren't sure what to do when the CAMC wasn't recognizing some peoples subscriber IDs. We were told to send out new access cards. Well, Just so you all know, that doesnt fix the problem. The first batch of cards were received today, and we were unable to activate them.

The next step, so I hear, is that the accounts that are affected by this problem are going to have to have the accounts completely disconnected and new accounts built from scratch. This process could take about 2 days due to the way the system works. Im sure that all affected will be compensated for this hassle.

As far as system functions, everything is stable again. Some cards however, at random, were pretty much erased from the CAMC ID memory. Everything is pretty hectic right now, and they still arent sure how they are going to go about getting this fixed, but it looks like the building new accounts is the only way to work it out. I spent 2 hours working on one account today trying to fix this problem. If the CAMC is not recognizing the subscriber ID, I can with 100 percent assurance say there is no way for any of the CSRs or ECs to fix this specific problem. I went thru every menu I had access to, and tried everything I could think of to try and trick the system into recognizing it again. It just isn't happening unfortunately.

Hopefully they are getting this taken care of soon. Its really frustrating, to customers and ECs. We really hate having to tell people there is nothing we can do. We understand why everyone is angry, and we would be as well. We just do not have the ability to fix it. All we can do for now is fill out tracking forms and try to get all the accounts gathered up that are affected and get them fixed. I don't have an ETA right now, but as soon as I hear something, I'll let everyone know.
DirecTVTechCSR: Thank you so much for the information. I'm a little embarassed that I've heard no rumors (except for the NRTC conversion rumor) ... and I'm a Tier-2 rep.

Thanks again...

I'm an NRTC customer. PLEASE PLEASE tell me I'll be converted soon :)

I can't wait to free of those people. I pay the same for Direct as everyone else, yet I'm not able to use all the same features. Online bill pay, 24 hr tech support etc. Can you tell me if I'll be converted?

My local provider said they were selling the rights back to Direct, yet I still get billed by them & I if I have questions, forget it. They sell a product they know nothing about.

As far Direct, they have for the most part been cool in helping me out in spite of my local provider.
Yeah, you should be converted soon. It was all supposed to be finished the night of Jan 5th, but well, the system crashed so they are trying to get everything done now. Several have already been converted.

When the conversion takes place (it will be late at night) you will get a 721 on your screen for about 5-10 minutes, then you will be back up, because they will have to close the account for a moment while they rebuild it in the other system.

You will have a different account number, and should be notified in your bill when this occurs. You will actually get two bills, a final closing bill with a zero balance, and a new bill with your new account number with whatever amount was on the other bill transferred over to this one.

To find out if you are converted, call in and ask ;). It will only take a rep a moment to try to pull you up and see if you are in the primary system, and those of us with access to the second system can search for you in there and see what the account status is. THe number to get someone that has access to the second system is 1-866-237-0700. About half of the tier 2 agents have it as well, but not all of us. They stopped giving out logins to new employees since they are phasing it out.

I'll be glad when they get all the accounts converted, the second system is annoying. It auto logs out after about 5 minutes of inactivity, and I don't use it very often since most accounts are in the primary one. lol.
i posted this in another thread:

D*'s system crashed sometime on 1/6/05 early early in the morning (before 4am CST). It was not brought back online until 1/8/05 around 10am or so CST.

Since the system crashed, they had no other option but to use the last save file of the entire database around 1/5/05 12:00pm CST.

The accounts that were attempted to be activated between 1/5/05 12:01pm CST through 1/8/05 10am CST were actually activated at points when the system was briefly up. However when they did the system rollback, this caused the accounts to be 'missing'.

Basically each and every single one of these accounts are corrupted. There is no current ETR on when these cards will be fixed (if at all) and most likely all affected customers will be sent new access cards.

So if you were actually activated and working at one point in this period, then it stopped working, you may be in for a long wait - the database is not allowing anyone to deactivate the cards or activate other cards on these accounts.

Its a major mess and causing me mucho headaches =(

--It may be old info but I don't have the time atm to read the whole thread
Yeah.. that was what we were doing, the new access cards bit. Were also going to have to disconnect accounts though. As you said, we cant deactivate cards- so the RID #s are locked with that card, in ACTV status, but unable to do anything with them. The only way to deactivate the IRD is disconnect the account. We had hoped it would be as simple as sending out a new card, but when they got the new cards and called to activate them, well, guess what... CAMC does not recognize Subscriber ID.

Its pretty crazy.
Hah yeah we tried everything we could think of too - the RIDs causing the most problems.

On a side note- the CAMC was left ACTIVE during the conversion. I think I have an idea of the crash happend now...

I hadn't heard of the earthquake thing and I've been on and off the phone with a few of the higher-ups today. Everyone keeps talking about conversion and the CAMC being on during the conversion.

So in order to get my new R10 online I'm going to have to have my account disconnected first? Won't this screw with my distant networks??
I just got off the phone with a level 2 tech. This is what he did and said would fix my issue:

He's going to put our account in "suspend" mode which will be effective at midnight. Then I will hook up the R10 in place of our Samsung and call back to get "reactivated" This will fix our issue. The one thing I don't like is this will screw up the working receivers as well.

I was assured that this will not affect our one year committment, and my distant nets will still be on.

This better work or I will be very upset.
Just make a printout from D*'s online list of what you have! This way you can scream at them later if something goes wrong.
This is getting more fun as it goes.

The pre-suspension idea didn't work. My other receivers are working fine again, but the R10 isn't still. Same error, ext 711.

So the tech that reactivated my account suggests that they send me yet another access card (this will make the 2nd one they want to send me) which I told them that I want the original card to work because I don't want my dealer to get a chargeback becaude of that. So after arguing with her I ask to speak to her supervisor. He tells me the same thing and finally agrees with me after I tell him what everyone has tried. He immediately without telling me transfers me to level 2 tech support. At first he wants to re-escilate the issue. Then he comes back and says that the suspension actually never happened. Not sure why, I was told midnight.

What time zone does D*'s system use? So now my account is back in pre-suspend mode and is waiting until midnight on the system to hit.
Okay, we got a memo tonight and we have a way to fix the problem now for everyone who has a new a/c. It may even work if you have an old one laying around ;).

Pop the new card in, and call up. We are putting in phony receiver info with the make and model as a hughes hird-a2, which has no RID #. This will let us activate the card, and should get your programming working while they work on building the new accounts,and should be able to do a switch within minutes when its ready with the correct receiver info on them.

So, if you have a card, or have one on the way, we can fix it. If the rep hasn't got the memo, just tell them you have a hughes hird-A2. ;).

Good luck!
Like I said, I'm not sure, Ive heard several things. That was just the latest scoop passed on to me. At any rate, things should be back to normal in no time now. It felt good to be able to help people today =)
I'm almost looking forward to going in tomorrow - here's hoping I get the same information that DirecTVTechCSR got. . . .

What sucks is that the system outtages have left the CSR's powerless to do anything constructive for folks who have been affected. Neutron, I understand your indignation at the whole situation; but I have to confess I'm glad you weren't my caller. (And I had no idea that replacing an access card somehow gets back to the dealer? We have no information about that. I'm sure that threw your CSR for a loop, also.)

Please know that we're all trying our damndest to keep everyone running. I'm encouraged by the workaround to assign a model number without an RID; it sounds so crazy it just might work. ;)

DirecTVTechCSR: I'm gonna have to start smoking so I can get more information from phone-techs with experience, rather than the TL's who don't seem to be able to cascade information in a useful timeframe.

Interesting that they don't have a mirrored system like in Colorado that can just switch over if need be to keep 13 Million customers happy.
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