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Feb 6, 2005
I currently have the Phase 3 dish from dtv. I was curious to know if using one dish to recieve three satellites is as good as having 3 seperate dishes, (i don't care about having an antenna field if i get better signal). And I found a channelmaster dish that is almost double the size of the phase 3 dish and supports triple lnb but i not having much luck in the forum for information about dish sizes and gains , etc.. If anyone could help! Here is a link for the channel master dish DirecTV Dish&PROD=SACGAINCOMBO
if you pull the product specs you will find the gain specs. if you were able to use 3 sperate 36" dishes aimed at each individual satellite, in theory you would be getting more gain per each location. are you in a heavy rain/low cloud area? it may slightly reduce fade, but more gain will not improve picture resolution/quality. there is another post around about gain, if i can find it.
One thing to consider with the 110 satellite. D* only uses three transponders on it, all even (18v) transponders. If a customer has a Phase II dish, there's a Sat C upgrade kit that provides a single output LNB and a mini combiner that integrates C's LNB with B's. The Sat C upgrade kit is free (with $8.08 shipping and handling), so you may be able to "upgrade" a 18" or 36" dish as a "standalone" Sat C dish.
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