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Dec 31, 2008
Hi guys

well two weeks ago i installed a 30 inches winegard to get 97 sat but now my friend said his tv pictures is jumping. but what can be the problem is the tv or lnb or box if someone can help me i will be happy. or i using th eomega box



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Sep 22, 2005
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Where is your friend in relation to you?
A neighbor on an adjacent piece of land?
In an apartment in the same building?

Is he receiving FTA, cable, or over-the-air signals that are getting interference?
Does he share a common power grid with you?
If he's OTA, how is his antenna, cable, and grounding?

All our equipment does generate small radio signals.
They are not supposed to cause interference.
The simple test is: when he has this problem, turn off your FTA receiver and all power to your LNBs.
Then you'll know if it's really you or not.

If it's not you, help him solve his problem.
Being a good neighbor will prevent such accusations in the future.
We amateur radio operators (hams) have the same PR problems. - ;)
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