Can i do anything with this?

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Nov 25, 2016
Helenwood, Tennessee
This is all thats left of dish network on my property, can I do anything with it? Are their any fta sats that have DSS left?


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Well, it's a bit hard to say as what I get strongly here might be a bit different where you live, but i'd say it would probably work well on 121, 105, 99, and maybe even on 30W. For a while I was using a DirecTV Slimline on 30W and it was fine except for a few of the Argentinian channels. Maybe also good for KBS on 123W

Or maybe convert your existing dishes to get 87W and use this one for 95W?
I have an issue with 121 and trees, anything past 105 is hard for me to get, right now the 90cm has 103, 97 and 91, my 76cm has 95, be really cheap to just add the lnbf to the end and mount to a pole I already have. Right now I am saving for a car so Ill just keep the dish and maybe this spring try and add it. Sounds like I need about 3 more ku band dish's :) and maybe 2 or 3 cbands :) when I get back to work. I could also add a bracket to the 76cm and add 99 and 105 probly,. I have worked since I was 16 and being out of work for more then 2 years is really irritating me. Well talk laterz.
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