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Jan 25, 2011
Today was fun got a 6 foot satellite dish petal style. I had to use a grinder on the bolts took 3 hours i am going to take it to machine shop to smooth out any dents. Plus here are some other dishes people can have here.


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Dan, can you grab the feed/stuff off the other dish and send if I pm you a shipping label? I what to take it apart and see what it looks like :)
Which dish wallyhts? Be more spefic. The 6 foot prodlein the guy still has the inhouse transmitter unit. The unit that looks like a computer tower but transmit a signal back to the satellite.
Nice find Dan.
A block of wood, a rubber mallet and some white paint and you'll be good.

Little dents aren't as important as the true shape of the parabola - did it pass a string test?
The 6 foot prime focus dish had the lnb arms messed up when they took it off the dish off the roof. I have to do the string test but to me when i look it over it looked fine. The other dishes i will get to them next week. I have to make up my own mount for that dish. I see a Directv mount for that dish.
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