Can I power a standard ku lnb with azbox (1 Viewer)

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Sep 22, 2005
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out of curiousity...

I have heard a dvb box would blow them.

this is on a bud.

I cannot see any way such a receiver will blow out an LNB on a regular Chaparral feedhorn (if that is what you're talking about).
But, the AZbox won't control the polarity servo on the feedhorn, so that's a big negative.

Stand-alone LNBs are often rated 18-24 volts (check your specs), and some don't operate as well on 12-13 volts.
To that end, there are " Dual LNB Power Inserter: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@" used to set the correct voltage at the end of a long cable, or in other applications.
(the product linked above is in no way recommended without further discussion!)

In a related use, when you have dual LNBs for each band, as on an orthomode feedhorn, connecting that to a traditional DVB receiver which wants to select polarity with 13/18 volts, you would use a multiswitch.
Pendragon described a mod to a common multiswitch, which supplies 18 volts to both C-band LNBs.


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Sep 17, 2004
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i have had standard lnb's run just fine even on 13v after a 150' run of RG-6.
I know the cheapo bsc-211's don't care what volts they get. I have heard that the norsats can be erratic on the lower voltage.

I ran a standard directv multiswitch for about 3 years on my big dish with an ortho feedhorn which gave my horizontal c and ku lnbs 18v and it gave the other two only 13v. i had no issues.


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Nov 27, 2009
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Signal is good from 55.5W to 137 W with the loop through. Just have to remember to switch Az back to a c band sat before going back to 4dtv channels.

So, I guess problems must be in the power pass switches, they are the only thing taken out of the mix. Diseqc seems to be working ok with c and ku sats.

Would there be any reason to go with a 0/22 kHz switch instead of the diseqc, they are sort of pricey.

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Nov 17, 2003
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you can go with a 22k switch. The only time you cant is with a Universal LNB (the UNiversal has a 22k switch built in)
They arent that much more...I bought some ecoda switches off ebay for under 10 bucks shipped. They work great :)
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