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Mar 18, 2004

Can I put my Dish in one area, in the backyard on garage (I will have to run wire under ground about a 10 to 12" deep and about 25' to the house) and put my antenna on the peak of my house.?

I will have a better line of sight on back garage for dish.

Has any one tried this


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Apr 18, 2004
My dish is off the back of my house and the Ant is at the peak of the roof. The only catch is how much cable is needed. Also burying the cable is an extra charge from the installer.
My installer ran seperate cables all the way in, no diplexor, it was a siameesed cable from the dish and he used my existing D* cable for the OTA. Even ran the siameesed cable up to the bedroom set. After it was all done I bet he used about 200' of cable from the room down to the basement, up to the first floor and then up to th second floor from the basement. But no charge. I also offered him a samich and a beer! He took the samich but not the beer. This was after he was done too. So he was just a good guy.

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Feb 15, 2004
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The answer is yes, the two items can be seperately located. It may not be necessary to go to the expense and trouble of burying the satellite cable. The installers can hide the cable pretty well--behind drain pipes, under eaves, etc. If your garage is not attached to the house, then burying the cable could be a good option. You and the installer should discuss best location for the dish, and take it from there.

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