Can some one pleas tell me what to set my birdog usb plus meter to point dish network satellites (1 Viewer)


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Aug 16, 2011
Hello All, this is my first post on here i am a Directv guy but i have to start pointing dish Network satellites to from now on but dont know how to with my birdog there are some settings on it already
and also downloaded some more to it i also read the dish network form on the birdog site but did not get it when i tryd to point a dish network hd dish the meter would say i have signel but when i went in the house i would not have any signel on the reciver and also when i moved to another spot on the coax line it would show me no signel as well i dont know to much about dish network satellites and can really use some help i live in phoenix,AZ and want to know how to use my birdog with dish network satellites and what satellites i use to peak the dish on the birdog can someone pleas help me!!!!!!!!!!


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Feb 12, 2009
So Cal
You will need to download the following satellites to your meter

Dish Pro 110
Dish Pro 119
Dish Network 118
BR Dish network 129

Get the proper skew and elevation for your zip. Point your dish to 119. If your setting are correct you will get signal on all satellites depending on what dish you are installing. If doing 118 your peak on the meter will be around 50-55 and the rest should still be at 90-100 signal level.

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