can someone explain what this means


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Jan 25, 2004
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in the hd settings on the 811 and the 6000 they have something to mark as 16:9, 4:3 1, and 4:3 2. i have the tradional 4:3, about 3 years old, and have the setting as the 4:3 1. can someone explain what these setting acutally do? i understand the 16:9 will be used for widescreen, but what about the other two?
This was one of the very first questions that I asked when I found these boards. Unless you are using a 921, these selection do not do anything.
The settings are for:
16x9 if you HDTV is 16x9
4x3 #1 is for 4x3 HDTV that vertically compress an HD signal (letterbox it)
4x3 #2 is for 4x3 HDTV that do NOT letterbox (The STB will do the leter boxing)

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