Can someone tell me the difference between the TiVo Roamio and the TiVo Bolt besides 4K capability?

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  1. Now even if there is no other difference I still am okay with the Bolt just so I can upscale my programs to 4K quality by just selecting the 4K resolution selection (yes, to me it's worth to price). I have no other way of upscaling on my TV to 4K even with my AVR. My AVR only upscales to 4K quality at 1080/24p resolution only. But I'm curious if there are any other advantages, I'd like to know. I did order one (a 1 TB) on eBay that's arriving on Monday with All-In service that I will use for OTA and I plan to give my Roamio to my mom which she could use with her cable.
  3. Your 4k tv is going to upscale whatever is input to its native resolution. If its receives 480p 720p 1080i 1080p it will upscale it to 2160p its native resolution for display. Pushing the tv info button just shows what the resolution of the programming it is receiving is. This is no different than a 720p tv downscaling a 1080i signal to 720p for display.

    The Roamio is in a black rectangle case and has a slightly slower processor and uses a standard size desktop drive which is easier to replace if you want to upgrade it to 3Tb for more storage. The Roamio Plex app is limited to 720p. The Roamio currently uses a dark theme GUI, but may be switched to the newer light theme of the Bolt in the next update that completes the HD GUI.

    The Bolt is in an arched white case that uses a laptop hard drive. The Bolt Plex app can stream at 1080p. The Bolt use a lighter theme GUI. The Bolt can output 4K and can stream Netflix and Youtube 4k, but not Amazon 4k.
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  4. I'm not arguing with you, just confused on the first point. How come when I watch an upscaled Blu-ray on my 4K Blu-ray player, it shows 3840 x 2160p when I press the "display" button on my TV remote for that 1080p source, but when I turn the upscale feature off on my 4K Blu-ray player, when I press the "display" button it only shows 1080p? And I'm also confused since my TV only shows 1080p or lower resolution for 3D content when pressing "display", and when I press the "3D" button to use features such as simulated 3D, side-by-side 3D, etc. on a 4K signal, the message reads "Feature not available for current signal"? I'm not trying to argue anything, but am just trying to understand better. My 4K/3D TV is a Sony from 2014 (a non-HDR one) and the model is XBR-65X950B that also states that "4K 3D signal not accepted" if that helps any. Otherwise, thanks for the input.
  5. Is it a true 4K UHD player. If the bluray player is upscaling and sending a 2160p signal out then the tv is going to say it is receiving a 2160p signal. If its not playing a 4K source disc or in upscaling mode then its sending out 1080p and that is what the tv is going to say its receiving.

    Bottom line the TV is going to display at its native resolution, whether it is doing the upscaling or another external device does the upscaling and sends the output to the tv, doesn't matter.
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  6. Thanks.
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