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Sep 18, 2009
Northern Mexico
I can´t upload a bmp image.

I go to upload manager, select file from my pc, click upload, circulating arrow goes on and on, and... nothing.

Is there some other way of posting an image?
Testing 1,2,3


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Ok. I was able to load an image on another thread.

I couldn´t upload it as bmp (1.4 Mb).
Converted to jpg (320 Kb), Would not uplad either.
Converted to png (89 Kb). And worked.

Is the file size the problem now? I have another image I uploaded last year and it´s a bmp (900 Kb). Puzzled.
Let me try again. :)

I cant wait for our new server to arrive at our ISP! (It will be there on Monday)

Then we got to load it up and move everything to the new server.

Ok I have tried it out and somethings I can upload and some things I can not... I get a Server 500 Error from some of them, others upload fine. I am investigating!
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