Can the 522 be used for only a single tv?


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Oct 6, 2003
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I already have a 2nd receiver for the upstairs tv in my home, but I am considering a dvr to replace the downstairs tv. Would I be wiser to choose the 522 or the 510? I would not use tv2 since it only produces mono audio, and I presently have stereo with the 2nd receiver. Other than being able to record to different programs, what other advantage does the 522 have over the 510? I have the Dish 500 system, would I even be able to connect the 522 since I already have the 2nd feed running to the upstairs receiver?
The 522 can be used on one tv if it has two video inputs, however you will have to use two remotes and remember, one is ir and the other is rf therefore a universal will not be able to control both of the remotes. There may be good news on the horizon, dishnetwork says it will download the software to the 522 sometime in June that will allow you to use it in the single mode ( you are using the dual mode now). When that happens you will plug into one input on the tv and use one remote to control both tuners....they didn't say what June, this was suppose to happen in May, so lets hope it is June 2004
I guess that I should have phrased the question differently. What I am trying to find out - do I have to connect 2 cables from the satellite dish to the 522? Do I have to connect a tv to both of the tv outs on the 522?
As far as your first question, as discussed in THIS thread, you will be fine with only one input into the 522 (as long as you follow the setup in your second question).

As far as your second question, you do NOT have to have 2 TVs connected to the 522. In that respect you can have 1 output going to 1 TV and that will be the end of it. But keep in mind, with this configuration you will NOT be able to record one thing while watching another (though you could watch a recorded program while recording a live broadcast).

If I can add my personal opinion, I think it's a big waste to get a 522 and only use 1 input/output. The beauty of your situation is that even though you only need to feed one TV, you can take advantage of the "single mode" (eventually) and watch live TV while recording a program, or even record two live programs at once from a single TV. And don't forget about picture in picture. That's a nice feature, only available while using 2 inputs. Good luck.
Let me know if you find a 522 thru E* because I would love to get one thru them and get a good deal on it. As far as I know it is not possible to do that yet the optimal word being yet.


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