Can this be done? (DVB World USB Box)

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Sep 28, 2006
I just got my box in :) now I was thinking of taking a laptop to the dish (over 300' from my PC location to the dish) to setup the motor, easier to see the dish move, and make sure I don't ram it into a wall. If I do this, can the settings be copied or moved to my main PC?

I'm sure I'll have some basic questions as I go along.
Its going to be a challenge at best using any DVB PC card to point a dish, its always a good idea to use a STB receiver. The problem is there is a slightly longer delay seeing signal quality on the meter using any DB PC card over using a STB, not to mention slightly lower signal quality levels!

But it can be done, I enter a live transponder then move my dish (SLOWLY) and the picture quality pops in, but many report this is not the case for them, they say they can be on the satellite and no signal quality will be showing on the DB PC card, until they rescan the transponder!

Good Luck!

And let us know how it works out for you, who knows maybe the delay is not quite so long with the DVB World USB box over the regular DVB PC cards that you have to crack open your PC to install :yikes
Thanks. I guess if the experts say it's hard, I'll just slave it for now. I was just hoping to eliminate another step (use the stb to move dish) and make run as short as possible seeing how I'm allready 350'+ to the STB.
So in that case, is there a LNB power off setting? Or is that still needed to change polarities?
I get PBS HD nice & pretty. Are there other "test" HD and or 4:2:2 feeds before game day gets here to pratice on?
dfergie said:
Be very careful and take your PC out there, if you can... that might work, settings on the pc etc...

Thanks for the suggestion. I was still going to take the lap top out & try to copy the files to see if that worked, but your suggestion got me thinking. The PC is a MCE aka XP Pro, so it has remote desktop sharing built-in. So I'm going to take my BEC to the dish and move to all the pre-programmed sat's and write down the motor postion, then connect the laptop and move to the same spot, should work great, hopefully.

PSB, how does this GoTo X stuff work, never used it before.
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