can you record Setanta IPVN soccer ?


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Sep 17, 2006
Hey guys,
I've seen the question posited a couple times but no clear answer.

Any recording medium would be fine with me as I have 'em all (vcr,dvr,pc).

I found a link on a tivo website saying that when people tried to record the Setanta iptv feed onto a vcr or computer they got some sort of screen-saver image. They seemed to imply that you needed to be there with your remote as the feed came in. The implied analogy was like the way a screen-saver comes on when you're watching a video on your pc, then you have to jiggle the mouse to make the screen-saver go way. Unfortunately I can't find that darned link again :mad:

I have Comcast and am thinking about getting this $15/month iptv Setanta channel, but may opt our for Direct TV.

soccer :hungry:
When I had ITVN I was able to record to PC and set-top DVR as well as to VHS and D8mm tape. I never had any screen saver issues.
as long as you have a stream from itvn that is uninterrupted (if it cuts out it goes back to screen-saver) the you should be able to leave it running and record it to whichever is easier for you ...

I think the screen-saver message only appears if the feed stops for whatever reason.

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