Can you speak "Indian?"

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Feb 10, 2004
...well it finally happened. DirecTV has outsourced their "Entertainment Consultants" to India. At least on the off-hours from my experience.

I called this morning (7am EST) and got a person with an obvious heavy Indian accent. It was so difficult to understand her, and she repeated her scripted responses many got so annoying that I stopped responding to them!

No, I am not making an opinion on the wave of call centers going outsourced to India. That's not my point. I started noticing it with D*s customer service via email a while back (staffed by CSRs in India). Absolutely a waste of time. Now it appears that "live" is just as frustrating!
It has been outsourced for awhile and it seems from some other posts that DISH is doing it also. The best thing you probably can do is hang up and dial again.
more american jobs lost and a customer service satisfaction decline, looks like it is really paying off for DirectTv. ;)
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