Can't Find 110 On Dish 500-any Tips


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Apr 14, 2004
I Recently Replaced My Old Dish 300 With A 500. I'm Picking Up 119 At About 100 Strength. I Only Have One Receiver Hooked Up A New 301 And I've Ran Switch Test A Couple Of Times. It Is A Twin Lnb Also. I Was Just Wondering If Someone Could Give Me Some Tips On Finding 110. I Need 110 To Get My Locals Washington D.c.

I Have The Cable Straight From Dish To Receiver. The Dish Is Dp With Twin Lnb And The Receiver Is A 301.
The best thing to do is cover (just) the 110 side of the twin with aluminum foil. and then try to find 119. (you may need to raise the elevation setting) Once you get 119 on the proper side of the twin remove the foil and you should have 110. Fine tune and your done.
Make sure your mast is plumb on all sides to make your elevation and skew numbers true. Look at the signal strength screen (Press Menu, 6, 1, 1) and then enter in your zip code and get the numbers, set your dish to those. Move the dish slowly until you find the 119 satellite (making sure you select a transponder that is above 10 and connecting the wire to the left side - 119 port of the twin lnbf). Once you find the 119 satellite do a check switch (also found on the signal strength screen) to see if the 110 satellite is also coming in as well.
Thanks For Info But I Still Can Pick It Up. I Tried The Foil But As Soon As I Cover Up The 110 I Lose The Signal And Can't Pick It Up. I Adusted Skew, Elevation And Direction Still No Luck.

Please Help I'm Lost
Kevin, My Zip Is 22601 I'm In Virginia. Right Now I'm Set At 126 Skew, 31 Elevation And 238 Azimuth. I've Tried To Move Them All Some But I Can't Seem To Find It.

Thanks For Your Help, Mike
If you are covering up the 110 side of the Twin, then losing signal, you are aiming the 110 side of your LNBF at 119. You need to lower the elevation on your antenna (approx 3-4 degrees), and standing behind the dish, move slightly to your left, until you receive a signal.

Best of luck,

Ok, The skew you don't want to change. Stargazer is correct make sure your mast is plumb. Since from your location 110 is higher than 119, raise the elevation about 3 degrees not lower (sorry Alan) so try about 34.
BOSHEA - You need to install a switch tying the outputs of the twin LNB to receive both 110 and 119 satellites. If your LNB's are Legacy units a SW21 will do the job. If it is DishPro than there is another switch. Consult the installation diagrams provided by Dish on their web site.
Al could be onto something. I forgot to mention about the 110 lnbf could be picking up 119, which would mean that the elevation is too high, it needs to be dropped in order to see it on the 110 lnbf. I have done this myself several times when trying to find a signal, and this can happen even if you have your skew set correctly and your mast is plumb on all sides.

You can tell if you are receiving the 119 satellite on the 110 side if you look on the plastic Y peice and you lose the signal coming in from 119 if you cover up the 110 side which is on the left facing the dish.

Couldn't the left side that is 110 on a twin still pick up 119 before the switch test is done on the receiver that does not have any 110 satellite on the matrix? A switch test may have to be done in order to even see that the 110 satellite is coming in if you are receiving 119 from the 119 side.

Left side facing dish is 110, right side facing dish is 119. Cover up left side, if the signal is still coming in (from 119) then you know you are receiving 119 from the correct side, if not then you know that you are receiving it from the wrong side.

If you cover up the right side and the signal goes out then you know that the signal is coming from the correct side but if the signal is still coming in then it is not coming in on the correct side.

If you dropped the elevation of the dish by 3 degrees and turned it to the right slightly, if it was coming in on the wrong side, then it should come in on the correct side.

Also the dish may have trees blocking the signal from 110 but not from 119.
Thanks SG I'll try that in the morning I've just left it alone for a couple of days.( too frustrated) Thanks for all the help from everyone but I'm almost ready to pay someone to come to my house.
BOSHAE said:
Thanks SG I'll try that in the morning I've just left it alone for a couple of days.( too frustrated) Thanks for all the help from everyone but I'm almost ready to pay someone to come to my house.

Be sure to run a 'check switch' test after you cover up the 110 LNB. This will clear the switch matrix, and allow you to again pick up the 119 satellite with the correct side once you have pointed the dish correctly.

Almost every RV customer that I have sold a system to calls me with this problem on their first time out. The problem usually comes in when they don't want to lose the 119 signal (coming in through the 110 side), so they don't move it far enough back to the west. You will need to completely lose the 119 signal you are getting now before re-acquiring it throught he proper LNB.

Then, once you get the 119 signal again after re-alignment, just be sure to run the switch test a final time.
Great Job Guys!!!!

Hey Everybody Thanks So Much - I Got It!!!!!!!!!!

Gazer & Mainstreet It Was Picking Up On The 110. I Did Everything You Guys Said The Only Thing Was I Had To Raise My Elevation 3 Or 4 Degrees. Everything Else You Guys Said Was Right On. I Know Where I Coming From Now On With Questions.(dish Network Technical Support - Yeah Right)

Thanks Again, Mike
I am glad that the information that me and the others have helped you. Usually it takes someone that ran into that problem before to know exactly what you are talking about.
119 on 110

Which way we going one post says lower it. One post says raise it. One post says go left and another says go right. Does any one really know which way it goes cause I'm having the same problem

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