Can't restore Primetime anytime deleted program


Mar 16, 2010
If I delete any program in Primetime Anytime and try to restore it, I can't find the program in my delete folder to restore it. All other Channels like the History etc . can be restored. Anybody else having the same problem?


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Sep 19, 2012
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I'm pretty sure thats how it is designed to work. When you delete a PTAT event you are just deleting the tile for that specific show, not the actual event because PTAT records on big clip each night and then it is "seperated" by show and a tile is added for each. In the past i believe people mentioned that you could try a search for the event and the event may populate in your results and let you access it from there, but I don't know if that still works. You could also try watching the event that aired before or after the event you deleted and try to FF/RW past the beginning/end of the event and maybe you'll see the missing event.


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Oct 4, 2011
Yes, once you delete an item from the PTAT folder, you will not be able to restore it (or find it in the deleted items folders). You can do a search for the show and the recording will show up in the search results (as long as it is the same day - maybe it's whatever you have the auto-delete set at too).


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Nov 25, 2003
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I have had some shows show up from the week before along with this weeks shows too. I don't think that they delete the prime time shows for real for two weeks . My wife deleted a bunch of my Monday nite shows ,because she forgot she was on my hopper and not her own. So I went into the guide for next weeks shows on Monday night and hit search on each show I missed and it brought up this weeks episode , last weeks too. It showed that I had watched the weeks before with 100% green on the bar to the side of the show along with this week at 0 % watched. I had suggested numerous time that DISH needs to add a deleted folder for Prime time shows as well, but so far they aren't listening.

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