Can’t they make up their minds !?


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Mar 28, 2006
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Given that I just started in FTA, I looked at several sites where it displayed what Channels were on what Sats, trying to get an idea of what was available. Much to my surprise, not everyone agrees just where a Sat is, in Geosynchronous Orbit. I understand that they often refer to the same Sat with West and East Longitude in the same page, but when I changed Sites, WOW, there’s a LOT of difference in where they say some of them are. Just check out these sites, bringing up the same Sat on each, and see what I mean. (DTV1 & 6, ES4 & 5, G3R, IA8, Pan5)
Links for:
Tracksat: Webs/N&S American.htm
SatcoDX: then select area of GSO.


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May 18, 2004
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I only looked at IA8 and G3C, as these are the only ones you list that I care for. Tracksat, which I've never seen has G3C at 95.5w, while Lyngsat and Satcodx has it as 95.0w. All 3 have IA8 at 89.0w, no big deal there. 95.5 could be correct and the other 2 haven't upgraded there site yet, who knows. Satcodx also uses the degrees difference from 360, I guess for left handed people?


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