Carey: DirecTV to Focus on DVRs, HDTV

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Carey said DVR technology will help DirecTV compete with cable. "The DVR is not just our answer to cable's VOD, but we believe it will become the true VOD experience that allows for greater control of all content.

I do not understand this statement. VOD is a server with a library of movies. e.g., HBO on demand will have the complete series of the Sopranos in the server. How can the DVR technology compare to this? How can DVR be an answered to cable's VOD? How can it be the true VOD experience?

A friend of mine has a Time Warner VDR already. Time Warner also offers VOD (a server with movie library). How can he say that DVR tech will compete with Time Warner DVR + VOD?

Did I miss something? Please let me know.
I don't see how it would be possible for a DVR or satellite TV in general to provide VOD. It would just be too bandwidth intensive. IMO they are saying that you will watch what you want to watch when you want to watch which is exactly how I run my DVR. I very rarely watch live tv anymore.
With a large enough hard drive download 200 hours of PPVs accessible anytime the sub wants for a prce. VOD! Ideally future receivers would have a dedicated tuner for this downloading stuff like programs and guide data all working in the background invisibly. Another benefit if all the receivers were upgraded PPVs could e taken off saving the bandwidth. Just download one at a time with fantastic bandwidth.
I was beginning to think a little while back what all of this hard drive space would be used for when they start becoming much larger than they are now, such as 500 hours or 1,000 hours in which nobody would need that much space for recording shows to view later.

I could see all this space being used for certain channels where you would pick the shows you want to view instantly without having to program a timer and wait for the show to air, it would already be there. They could even make it to where you could view all the shows that you watched for the whole week, month, or year, then once all of the space is used up it would just record over that data from the beginning again.

They could even make certain channels have the feature to where you could go back in time and watch anything that was on the past day, week, month, and so on if the hard drive space was great enough, perhaps channels of your choice.

They could make extra tuners work in this way and have new ways of doing this in the future than what we could even think of. This could be what the future of DVR could be like.
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