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I am usually not known for DirecTV info because everything is usually so hush hush, but I understand that DirecTV will be announcing some big things at the upcoming SBCA Rally on September 23rd in Washington DC

First and foremost my sources are telling me DirecTV will be dropping the price of their Tivo DVR units to $99!

They will also begin pushing their new "3 for Free" promotion.

More news as I have it. :D
I've thought about this a little bit.

I've heard multiple comments from multiple people that Charlie, and by default Dish, lost there way for a year or so during the whole merger debacle.

I think the same thing has happened with DirecTV. It seems to me that DirecTV was a good organization in the past and ever since they have been on the auction block, they have been rudderless. Now that they look to be back on course, my money says they are going to get aggressive again.. Probably very aggressive. Good for consumers. Bad for Cable and Dish.
My neighbor just got a 60 day trial offer for D* up to 3 rooms. She now is going to act on it because of the no money issue.
Well we have already seen Dish come out with some offers for new and existing subscribers as a result such as the Free DVR offer for new subscribers and $99-$199 offer for the existing subscribers.
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