CBS-HD Is Gone!


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Dec 5, 2003
I originally posted this in the now, long running NPS thread. I guess it got lost in the shuffle.

I have a question regarding the NY-CBS HD station. Is this considered part of the HD Line-up or a DNS? It seems that most people have indicated that although they have lost their DNS's, they still have the CBS HD. Since my recent VIP 622 install, I have not had access to the 61.5 satellite because the installer did not have the proper switch to connect the new Dish 1000 to the separate 61.5 dish. I have an appointment to have this done in a few weeks. Is this even necessary? If I can expect to continue to receive the NY-CBS HD channel, I then don't need to pick up the CBS DNS from NPS (saves me $2.50/mo).

Does anyone know, for sure, the answer to this?
CBSHD East - Gone!

My CBSHD East from 61.5 is gone ... and so is my survivor recording ! :mad:

Is it official, is this too gone for good!!! ????
We appear to have lost our New York CBS-HD just tonight (Thursday Nov. 30). It is no longer available in our program guide. If this is gone permanently because of the DNS issue it will be real loss to us as we watch both a lot of sports as well as weekly prime time shows on CBS -- especially since Dish seems to have stalled in making HD locals available, with no new cities receiving HD locals for the past five months or so.

Tom Conelly (Pittsburgh market)
CBS HD will be gone tonight.

Up until tonight we were told that CBS HD was under a different agreement and was not considered a Distant Network.

I think Dish is trying to show they got rid of everything.
Maybe CBS HD Going away is not that much of a big deal.

Dish offers cbs hd e&w in 16 markets (where cbs owns the station).
Dish is already doing the local cbs HD in 12 of those markets so most customers , if they subscribe to local channels and the HD package will still get the CBS Hd.

It will effect people in Austin, Green Bay , Baltimore and possibly Pittsburg where they don’t do local HD networks YET.
This is one time I was right and am very much unhappy about it!

While evryone told me the official letter I got from Dish about a month ago was wrong, I always believed that this would happen.

I'm still out of the country but I had planned to sling box my 622 tomorrow to see if it is true.

What I don't understand is the reports that their DVR recorded shows are also being erased? Does this mean all my CBS-HD recordings will be deleted when I get home too? Ugh!
Cbs Hd

That sucks
my cbs hd is gone as well
and my pos 921 wont get hd locals
and my Winegard HD 8200 P no Longer gets cbs 2 chicago:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand I lost my distants nets yesterday, called dish, threatened to cancel and they gave me 1 month free service yeah!!!
I've been receiving CBS HD from NY for several years now, and I always figured it was because I was supposedto be grandfathered in from years of getting the east coast feeds (which they cut off a few years back). I know I don't have a legal right to get it, but with my job, the only way I'll see these shows is on an east coast feed! (Well, I do have a 942 now... but never the less...)
I suppose my east coast feeds are gone for good now. Can't imagine how I'll qualify for them with the new service.
My new plan-

This is like the police chief in the movie National Treasure... "Someone has to go to jail!"

OK no one is going to jail because nI will lose my CBS-HD in NY that I legally qualified for through the legal waiver process. Today, I do have a local CBS-HD channel but the technical reliability of that station some 4 miles from me sucks! They7 try hard but just don't care when it comes to HD. Often only parts of an HD show are in HD. They have never added DD5.1, and often the sound is in mono anyway.
So, someone has to go to jail! I plan to launch a local harassment campaign on this stationas my vendetta on losing the CBS-HD WNBC in NY until such time as this CBS station comes up to the quality standards I had with WNBC.

Everytime I have SD broadcast on an HD show, I plan to complain to CBS network that this local station is incompetant, and they should deny this station renewal of their affiliate contract!

Until they offer DD5.1, I plan to harass them about it until they do add that capability. I plan to call and complain to the station manager separately for eaqch show they fail to offer DD5.1 when I see that logo pop up.

It seems to me that the judge has decided to take away my legally obtained CBS-HD channel and I plan to make sure someone goes to jail for it. That judges decision will not only affect the local station's time and effort of having to spend time answering for each and every technical failure but also I plan to do what I can to make sure local politicians suffer as well. No incumbent will receive my vote. I hold congress responsible for the lack of laws to protect the consumer but cow-tow to the protection of the local broadcaster who not only has a Free licence that the consumer has granted him but has failed to be profitable over the yeaqrs, fighting kicking and screaming to adopt state of the art technology unless forced by the FCC. They charge a grossly overpriced amount for air time and frankly are a dieing industry and need the handicap protection under judgement rulings like this to survive in this 21st century TV competitive industry. If it wouldn't be for Network programming, Local TV would have gone bankrupt years ago.
OK, I'm done ranting for now!

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