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Monoprice® Debuts Monolith Series at CEDIATM 2016

New collection includes high performance bookshelf speakers, cinema speakers, multi-channel amplifiers and planar headphones for professional and commercial applications

Dallas, Texas (September 13, 2016)Monoprice, an online retailer offering high-quality and affordably priced consumer electronics and accessories, unveils today the Monolith Series, a new line of home theater and personal audio products, at its booth—#8030—at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association Expo (CEDIA). Through this launch, the company continues this year’s mission to deliver great-sounding audio at fair prices for audiophiles, musicians, and music lovers. Developed to deliver a premium sound experience, the Monolith Series line expands to include high performance bookshelf speakers, cinema speakers, multi-channel amplifiers and planar headphones. Monoprice will also showcase new stereo tube amps, HDMI® cables and many more A/V, personal audio and commercial audio offerings.

“We always look forward to CEDIA as it gives us the opportunity to formally introduce what we’ve been working on, and show the audio community we’re committed to bringing excellent sounding audio solutions to consumers and businesses at accessible and affordable prices,” said Bernard Luthi, president of Monoprice. “This year, we’ve focused on stepping up our game to revamp existing, best-selling lines and offer more products across categories. Professional and commercial audio were two areas we felt needed a refresh to prove to our customers that our products can hold their own against offerings from brand names that cost four-to-five times as much.”

From headphones to Bluetooth® speakers, bookshelf speakers to cinema speakers as well as powerful amps, Monoprice has been working tirelessly this year to develop products that don’t cut corners on quality and deliver dynamic sound. The Monolith Series represents a carefully crafted suite of state-of-the-art, high-performance speakers, amplifiers and headphones that are capable of reproducing the most dynamic soundtracks, while also articulating all the subtle sonic details found in music.

All products on the CEDIA show floor will start shipping in the fall.

  • Monolith K-B?STM Series Bookshelf Speakers
    • Delivering powerful bass, an impressive soundstage, and pristine detail and articulation in a bookshelf design, the Monolith Reference Series Bookshelf Speaker ($249.99) utilizes K-BAS (Kinetic Bass Amplification System) technology to provide listeners with low end bass extension unmatched by any other competitive product at this size or price.
  • Monolith Air Motion Speaker Series
    • Comprised of two-way compact bookshelf speakers ($199.99) and a three-way center channel speaker($299.99), this series touts air motion transformer drivers for accurate and full high-frequency extension, low distortion, and a precise imaging of sounds. Each speaker comes fitted with magnetic grilles and rigid cabinetry internally braced for minimum cabinet vibration and acoustic coloring.
  • Monolith Multi-Channel Amplifier Series
    • In May 2016, Monoprice launched the Monolith 7 Multi-Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier. Building off the 7 channel platform, Monoprice unveils three new offerings: the Monolith 2, 3, and 5 200 watt multi-channel amplifiers ($999.99 - $1,299.00). Dynamic, clean audiophile grade power for the best in home theater.
  • Monolith M560 Planar Headphones
    • Monolith M560 is the only $199.99 planar headphone on the market, sure to deliver clear, balanced sound for critical listening. Providing comfort and long-wear by way of its well-built and durable design, listeners can tailor sound to specific tastes by switching between an open or closed back configuration.
  • Monolith M1060 Planar Headphones
    • The Monolith M1060 Planar headphones ($299.99) offer listeners a premium, rich, high-quality listening experience. Powerful bass, rich midrange, and delicate top end coupled with an open back design delivers an engaging, true audiophile experience.
Monoprice will also have on display various commercial audio, home audio, and A/V offerings including, but not limited to, the following products:

  • Stereo Tube Amp Series: The perfect trifectas of great-sounding, great-looking and convenient, these Stereo Tube Amps are designed to add warmth and richness to digital music that other amps can’t compare to. Shipping with a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, listeners’ music libraries will sound better than ever.
If interested in scheduling a meeting or demo, please contact Monoprice@HavasFormula.com or call 619.234.0345. For more information about Monoprice and its category offerings, please visit www.Monoprice.com.

About Monoprice, Inc. (DBA Monoprice.com)

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Monoprice, Inc. is an e-commerce leader specializing in providing more than 6,500 high-quality yet affordable electronics and tech products. As an industry innovator, Monoprice fills a void in the consumer technology market by delivering exceptional products that are on par with the best known national brands at prices far below the retail average with incomparable speed and service. Maintaining a business philosophy that focuses on the needs of its customers, the company strives to bring simplicity, fairness and confidence to consumers and businesses shopping for big-ticket electronics and tech accessories. For more information about Monoprice, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Monoprice is a subsidiary of Blucora, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOR).

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