Harmony Hub problem?


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Oct 15, 2006
Not sure this is the right place to post this since it’s been six months since any action in this for but, here goes.

My setup is the Hopper 3, a Hisense 65A66FUA model tv and a Yamaha ATS-1080 sound bar.

I am trying to set up a “Watch Streaming” button on the Harmony Hub Companion. I already have the button to watch TV programmed and it works perfect. When I hit that button everything turns on and the tv turns to the DISH input which is HDMI 1.

the problem is when I hit the watch streaming button. The tv has four inputs in this order: Channels, HDMI 1,HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI 4 and composite. When I go to the channels button on the Hisense remote it takes me to the OTA Channels that it scanned in and turns to the last channel that was being watched. This would be a round about way of getting to where I want to be but even it won’t work properly on the companion remote. Instead of doing what it’s programmed to do all I get is the DISH screensaver!

The perfect setup would be when I hit the “watch Streaming” would be for the Hisense tv to hit the “home button” which takes be to all of my streaming apps but I cannot get the companion to do this. When using the tv remote it works but on the companion I cannot get past the DISH screensaver that comes up when it goes into standby.

Damn Harmony is so finicky and even on their forums, service is basically non existent. At this point I’m flummoxed and have ordered a Sofabaton hoping it will be easier to program a macro to do exactly what I need. Any suggestions before it shows up are appreciated. Thanks.
Do you have an IR Repeater on your system? It was essential in my Home Theater setup as I had pieces of gear that were buried inside my custom cabinet.

There should be a time delay that you can add if you think the commands to your Hisense are getting “jumbled”. The issue may be you need an Apps button to be sent since you’re trying to use the TV’s internal Apps interface. I helped a friend with their Sony Bravia and the Harmony setup app included the Netflix & Amazon Prime TV buttons in the available device buttons on the remote’s screen.

You should be able to create an Activity like “Watch Netflix” that switches the TV to its internal Netflix App and sets up the Yamaha sound bar for the ARC (or Optical) TV Sound. Or, like you want, you should be able to create a “Watch Streaming” that sends the Hisense “Home” button to the TV.

Is there a Home Button on the Hisense device in your Harmony App interface?
When you say "streaming", does that mean using apps on the TV or an external source?

My guess is that you're not going to find a solution in a universal remote as Android TV is designed to operate from its home screen. Turning on the Hopper 3 should turn on the TV and switch to the Hopper 3 HDMI input. If you turn on the TV first, it may try to turn on the Hopper 3 if that was the last device used. Otherwise, it should bring you to the launch screen.

I'm not sure how a universal remote can help as navigating Android TV is a decidedly interactive process.

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