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Sep 24, 2004
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I have seen at least 2 different addresses for CEO. One at and other at, are they both good or is there a preferred one?
My access to all my networks will cease Dec 1 and I want to send a message before I cancel my subscription.
I don't get cable, dsl and only partial networks over the air. I have had distant networks in one form or another since the 80's. I paid for them, enjoyed the selection in prime time and life is good.
Now I am going to lose them, thru no fault of my own. Prime time networks are important to me E* can't supply them so I can't see paying for them. I want a pkg. not piecemeal service.
Lets face it everyone is mad but writing and calling congress won't do much for the 4% that cannot get locals by uplink or OTA. Most of the people were getting 2 or more network station and when its over they will still have one source for all network stations. The remaining 4% won't make much on the bottom line of E*so I doubt much will be done for us.
Thank you I feel better but still mad at the situaton.
DISH fought it for something like 8 years, now their greediness has caught up with them. If they hadn't tried to get around the law they wouldn't have to be punished. Try Directv they didn't lose the right to sell locals.
Yeah but Dish could get them back will half to waite and see. If they offer them to one provider they most likely will half to let others have them.

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