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May 23, 2006
I have a Tivo Series 2 with a lifetime subscription. It has never given me any problems. It receives input from a D* RCA DRD 435RH receiver. I use the 15-pin connector on the DVR to have the Tivo change channels on the DVR. However I am having problems with the DVR. It will lose programming, or sometimes will not go beyond channel 68. The problem can always be corrected by re-booting, which is NOT an acceptable solution. After several calls to D* they finally sent out a technician. (I have the D* equipment protection plan, as I have 4 D* receivers, including a HD one.) The only thing he found was that the DVR was set for the wrong shape dish. He offered to replace the DVR but the only ones he had on the truck could only change channels from the Tivo via IR. He checked with his supervisor who said he had none that could use a data cable to change channels.

Any one know what DVRs are available that will accept a data cable for changing channel? I am sure they will give me a refurbished one not a new one.

(I posted this previously, but in the wrong forum I think.)
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