Channel 8 missing on modem, says N/A. Also, significantly high ping times.

Jacob Hill

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Oct 9, 2016
2 days ago I had to reboot my modem. After rebooting I logged into my modem at, the channel 8 Power Level and SNR say N/A. It said the same thing a few weeks ago, it fixed itself after the maintenance crew tech replaced a bad fitting outside. Now it's happening again.

I called tier 1 tech support, they said it has to be a bad modem. I had a spare modem that I had him provision and the issue was still present. Then, I was told that it wasn't a modem issue since it's happening on both.

Channel 8 levels
Rx: 0
Tx: 46.7
T3: 0

Also, according to Dawn at Suddenlink, my modem as well as the neighbors modems are experiencing significantly high ping times.

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