Channel Flipping Processing Time


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Jul 6, 2004
is there anyway to speed up the processing time it takes for the picture to show up everytime i change the channel, it about 5 seconds to process.
Satellite is not like cable where you can just flip through the channels. The receiver has to go through switches, change transponders and frequencies for each channel. There are some receivers that can do this faster than others, but you'll always have some pause when switching

The most efficient way to surf is to use the browse banner to find the program you want rather then flipping through the channels
I know that DirecTv flips through the channels a bit quicker than Dish Network does (probably due to a different processor or something that they run off of).
Or f course, if you have a DVR, simply plan ahead. Record things you think you might watch and leave them in the box. I haven't watched (hardly any) live TV for years. :D
D* is probably faster than E* because while most E* systems are multi-satellite (Dish500), most D* systems are not. Also, E* DVRs are slower than non-DVR systems because they must stop "recording" the old channel (to enable pausing, skip-back, etc.) and start "recording" the new one. I hear my 522's HD churning just before the picture appears when changing channels.
i'm using a 522 dvr reciever, is it possible to disable it from recording every channel and maybe it will help speed up channel flipping
I don't think the HDD churn has anything to do with the speed. My guess would be that that's the asynchronous delete of the buffer.

And no, there's no way to disable the buffering. If you don't want a DVR, downgrade to a 322. However, I don't think it'll help.