Charged for VOD that I didn't order (3 Viewers)


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Aug 14, 2011
I as well had a VOD charge (Leap Year???). Had to fight tooth and nail to get it removed. CSR stated company policy against crediting a VOD. All the purchase histories were empty and when I told them this she said that the charge history uploads off the receiver to Dish Network and on to the bill. Once movie is watched there is no history of it anywhere on the receiver. ...Just another warning that if you have paperless/autopay CHECK YOUR BILL. Could this be construed as criminal activity on Dish's part?
Interesting to see so many posts about being charged for VOD not ordered. This just happened to me on my latest bill. The bill says I ordered a movie on 12/30 in addition to the one on 12/24. I first noticed the charge when I got the Dish email stating the bill is ready and will be paid on 1/20. So I called Dish and the rep I spoke with at that time said they would do a one time courtesy and remove the charge for the movie on 12/30.

A few weeks later, I called and spoke with a loyalty rep about NHL Center Ice and mentioned the extra charge for the movie I didn't order. She, too, said that she would remove the charge before transferring me to tech support.

Here's a picture of the actual purchases made on the DVR

Autopay just went through and the charge was till there. As other posters have mentioned - check your bill if on autopay.
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