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David Dietzel

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Nov 21, 2004
Rancho Cucamonga
There's no way they'll turn off the DVRs -- they'd lose hundreds of thousands of subs overnight.

Dish will work out something with the Tivo folks. Like giving them money -- a licensing fee for the use of their software -- and then push a huge update out to the DVRs that gives Dish subs virtually full Tivo functionality. Then Chuckie raises the average sub bill by $5 a month to recover the licensing fee.

At any rate, this might actually be an informative Charlie Chat.


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Jun 12, 2006
Rainsalot Florida
riffjim4069 said:
Sorry, but my ViP622 blows the HD Tivo out of the water.

Genius, the HD Tivo is several versions behind their latest. Outside of D*'s hardware it actually runs pretty well. Though I'm a bit perturbed by Tivo's need to stifle the market so they can stay in business.


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Apr 7, 2004
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I've seen it run outside of D* boxes and I would have to place the Tivo software behind both Dish Network (942, 622) and ReplayTV. However, I must admit that Tivo is better than the free TV Guide On Screen software that came with my Sony HD DVR.

Anyway, the Tivo comment was made tongue-in-cheek. You really shouldn't be so sensitive about such things.;)


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Jan 28, 2006
Robinson, Illinois, United States
David Dietzel said:
At any rate, this might actually be an informative Charlie Chat.

There's a first. LOL!

I want nothing to do with Tivo's clunky software on my 625. I don't think I could put up with Tivo. I would consider leaving Dish Network for Mediacom. (Putting up with DirecTV would be worse than putting up with Tivo, so that's a no-go.)


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Apr 14, 2006
Normal, IL
alexgmny said:
I hope he mentions that some new HD channels will be up soon (RSN, MTVHD, A&E HD, etc).

He won't mention any new channels, because they can't talk about things they are making agreements about.

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