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Charlie Chat Recap December 10th, 2006
Charles Ergen and Jim DeFranco

New local markets

Charlie goes over the fact that Dishnetwork no longer handles distant networks.
174 markets of local networks(SD) provided by Dishnetwork, none of the Core programming is affected.
Shows the superstation package which is also unaffected, go to channel 240 and 250 if you have been affected for more info . (if you do not see these channels you were not affected)

New / recent launches of SD Locals
Odessa / Midland Tx
Rochester, Mn
Beaumont-Port Arthur ,Tx (Abc not available)
Palm Springs, Ca.
Dothan, Al
Bangor Maine
Butte-Bozeman, Montana

New /Recent HD launches of locals
Raleigh, NC (2 channels) (dish 1000+ required)
Pittsburg, Pa coming 12/14
Charlotte, NC coming early 2007

Tyra Banks clip:
One lucky viewer will win a trip to the Tyra Banks show on Oxygen( 2 tickets travel and accommodations provided call before 7:30 Mst) . Call 1-888-662-3474 to enter! or

Eric Sahl
Programming announcments
NFL Network
Pro Games on Thursdays and Saturdays 8Pm Est

Thur. Dec 14- 49ers vs Seahawks
Sat. Dec 16 - Cowboys vs Falcons
Thur. Dec 21 - Vikings vs Packers
Sat Dec 23 - Chiefs vs Raiders
Sat Dec 30 - Giants vs Redskins

2 College Bowl Games will also be carried by the NFL Network:
Texas Bowl -Dec 28th
The Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs The Kansas State Wildcats

Insight Bowl- Dec 29th
Texas Tech Red Raiders vs Minesota Golden Gophers

Reelz Channel is another recent addition to our programming on channel 299
PPV movies
Dishnetwork Sirius Holiday music
Starlight channe-l Channel 6002
Roadhouse and Classic Country- Channel 6062'
Pops and Classic Favorites -Channel 6086

UFC 66 - Liddell vs Ortiz 2 coming up Saturday Dec. 30th $39.95 pre show at 9:30 and live event @10pm Est Channels 455/472
WWE: Road to Wrestlmania 23 Package:
New Years Revolution, Royal Rumble and No Way Out
$99 ... to order call 1-877-DISH PPV (347-4778) or

Clips from the Firebird Raceway in Phoneix, Arizona
Pinks a Drag Racing show Season 4 starts Feb 2007 Wed @9:30PM channel 150

Guest: Kevin from G4
Dish Network Ultimate Giveaway

Call 1-888-621-2078 to ask questions...

E-mail question from Wilson
Q: When will the Hallmark movie channel be added?
A: Its in our family pack, only in ava in the family pack

Q: I had my distants turned off 2 weeks ago, I had a antenna installed and the Pq is not good, I heard about a new company.
A: DirectTV, Lifeline cable or All American Direct (will not need new equipment with AAD) 1-800-909-9677 or to see if you qualify.
Q: Oscar: I live in Fairbanks Alaska and we dont get all the HD channels, apparently 129 has a weak footprint.
A: We have some special spotbeams on one of our satellites for Alaska, Anchorage will be on one of them. Fairbanks local HD lils will be on 148 satellite, prior to June. We will continue to improve and are launching a satellite late next year. Hawaii will be up also before June of next year.

Q: Wes: Kevin what is your favorite game for the Wii?
A: Lots of great games, Wii Sports(various) also Trauma Center a Japanese game also Zelda twilight princess.

Winner of Wii and pocket dish is Steve Epler from Alabama

Q: Danielle: How often do you do the free preview channel?
A: We reshuffle it on a monthly basis, check channel 290.
Q: David: I have 622 question the enhanced pip when will the split screen be enabled.
A: It is in the works, not quite yet.

Q: Vanessa: My husband put a password protect on our ppv and forgot the password help!
A: You can call one of our agents and they can unlock your receiver.

Q: Randy: If we get a free movie certificate, but pay over the internet is there any way to use this?
A: Yes Mail it in.

Q: Daniel: Why dont you have free upgrades for your customers who have outdated equipment?
A: For the most part for the last 5 years we have offered free equipment to customers to get them started, but we need to make a profit. We give you good deals, just call us up and see what you qualify for.

Winner of the Tyra trip: Ray Sabin from Pittsburgh

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I missed the Chat, but it appears that I missed absolutely nothing.

The only new channel is Reelz, which was discussed here some time ago.

No new features on receivers.

No new packages.

How did they fill up an hour with this?
"Q: Vanessa: My husband put a password protect on our ppv and forgot the password help!"

Okay, which one of us was it?

And with all of the possible questions that could be asked, and so few people getting in, how does such an insipid question get asked on the air?

622: can standy screensaver be turned off?

Is there such thing called "Receiver Installation" fee for 622?

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