Is there such thing called "Receiver Installation" fee for 622?


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Mar 17, 2006
I added a 622 last month, and today I got a bill that includes a $99 charge for "Receiver Installation."

Did I not read the fine print somewhere? I was never told by their CSR about such a fee.

Anyone has a clue? Thanks!
yes & no...

Yes there is a fee, but for the 622 it should have been free...

SHIPPED / INSTALLED (Add standard professional installation for only $50.00)

Select a Standard Definition, DVR, or High Definition receiver for one room of service:
$49.00 / $99.00

Select a Standard Definition or DVR receiver for two rooms of service (or "Picture in Picture" for 1 TV):
$69.00 / $119.00

Select an HD-DVR for two rooms of service:
$199.99 (includes FREE installation)

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