622: can standy screensaver be turned off?


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Dec 9, 2006
Is there a way to configure the VIP622 to NOT send out video signal (the "Press select to continue" screen saver) when it's in standy mode?

My 622 component video outputs go through a component-to-VGA box. I have another device connected to the passthrough VGA input on that box. The box is supposed to select the passthrough input when there is no signal on the component input, but the 622 ALWAYS sends signal to the component output. Before I start looking at adding more switchboxes, I wanted to see if there was any way to tell the 622 NOT to send signal when I turn it off (standby).

I don't think so. The bottom of Page 8 in the manual says this is to ensure that the signal between the ViP622 and your TV is not lost.

I suspect it makes it easier for customer support to help trouble shoot over the phone using a process of elimination.

EDIT: Also you'll find it on the agile modulator output for TV1 and TV2, when both are activated.
You are stuck with doing something like running the 622 outputs into a 2-way switchbox and then switching to the "B" no source side.

I wish the 622 went into a much more powered-down mode when not in use. Where it would shut down the outputs and the hard drive and was just minimally on while it waited to be fully activated. I don't understand why so much is left on in its inactive state.
Semi powered down

The thing is that in a mode like you have mentioned it would take several seconds to power back up and spin up the HDD. That would mean that any contact with the unit from Dish would have to call it to wake up then send a 2nd command to update. This means that it would take 2 commands from E* central and be more of a pain for them. This would tie up their servers and uplink and downlink from the sat for much longer and slow down any processes that are being sent out to the 622"s.
They already have to handle other DVR units that go into a lower state of activity.

Given how much data they have to send in an update, sending a 2nd command should be quite easy. This could be scheduled so that the overall time to run all downloads would not be affected. Sending out a wake-up signal would add very little overhead and could be done for the next set of receivers while other downloads are taking place.

The noise of the always spinning HD was what drove me to moving my 622 into my basement and running the output cables up through the floor. My old Dishplayer and 510 DVRs would spin down after a few minutes and then spin back up for updates.

Anyway, getting back to the OP. You don't need the output connections to be up in order to receive updates.
There is a page in the menu to turn off the screensaver, but it does NOT WORK, like many other features of the 622.
Turning off the screen saver means it stays on a channel all the time, not that it shuts down the video output while in "OFF" mode.

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