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Sep 8, 2003
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In the past month, DISH has
  • passed the 9 million subscriber mark, adding more new subs than all other providers combined
  • launched E-IX successfully, should be operational next month[/list:u]HDTV

    Programming package, available 9/16
    • DiscoveryHD Theater, HDNet, HDNet Movies, ESPN-HD
    • $9.99/mo or $109.89/yr[/list:u]Guest: Clint Stinchcomb, Sr VP Discovery Theater
      • programming features wildlife, nature, history, travel, science & technology, "Trading Spaces"
      • started building a library 6 years ago
      • is extraordinarily more expensive to create HD programming[/list:u]Giveaway
        Prize: PoGo MP3 player
        Q: Discovery world HQ are located in Silver Spring, MD. In the lobby is Stan. Stan stands 13' high and 40' long. What is Stan an exact replica of?

        Other HD Programming
        • HBO-HD, Showtime-HD, Demo, Event, CBS E&W, PPV
        • About 30% qualify for CBS. Must live in an O&O market and be outside the Grade B signal of neighboring markets.[/list:u]Will be able to get the new channels with Dish500.

          Enhanced HD (8PSK) adapter for Model 6000
          • $99 installed, shipping waived with HD package subscription
          • Free with annual HD package subscription
          • System Info will show "Model ID: 6000 (8PSK)" if you have it[/list:u]Model 6000
            • SD & HD
            • $499 receiver only, 6000U includes 8PSK
            • Will work with SuperDISH[/list:u]Model 6000 Offer
              • $199 installed
              • Commit to 1 year of at least AT50 + HD package
              • Available 9/16/03 - 10/31/03, limit 1[/list:u]HBO, Showtime, CBS to remain on the side slots until SuperDISH is out around the first of November.

                • SD & HD
                • DISH Home Interactive (OpenTV)
                • Not eligible for the promotion
                • $399 receiver only[/list:u]DISH Player DVR 921
                  • HD receiver
                  • 2-tuner DVR
                  • 240GB hard drive[/list:u]DVR 510
                    • was released within the last 10 days
                    • 120GB hard drive, 100 hours
                    • not HD
                    • $299 receiver only[/list:u]DVR 510 Offer
                      If activated on or before 11/15/02
                      • $199 installed or delivered
                      • Commit to at least 1 year of AT100 or Dish Latino Dos
                      • Video on Demand (VOD) monthly service fees
                      • Expires 1/30/04[/list:u]VOD
                        • More sophisticated than what cable offers. Charlie mentions several existing DVR features.
                        • Fee: with America's Everything Pak $0, with AT150 or AT100 $4.98, with AT50 $9.98
                        • "Our product is similar to the TiVo service in terms of, that is it records and so forth."
                        • "As usual, we're lower than the competition in terms of equivalent packages." Statement made after comparing a stand-alone TiVo at $12-14/mo, not DirecTiVo at $4.99 or $0 per month per account.
                        • Did not clarify whether the fee applies to each receiver as previously announced or per account[/list:u]HD 101 with Mark Jackson
                          • Standard TV is 4:3, almost square.
                          • HDTV is 16:9, or rectangular. Matches the movie experience and is the HDTV standard.[/list:u]Q&A

                            E-mail: Columbus, OH locals?
                            A: By the end of the year pending retransmission agreements.

                            Rhonda: Just paid annual renewal for DiscoveryHD. How do I upgrade to the HD package?
                            A: Not sure how billing would work. Could credit what was paid then charge for the package, or charge the $2/mo difference. Can be done, will find a way.

                            Rhonda: When will SuperDISH be available, I understand it will be needed.
                            A: Actually, it won't be needed for these new channels. Will have additional channels on SuperDISH but won't need it today. Available around the first of November. Long-term you will need it because there will be more channels.

                            Charlie: When will ABC, NBC and Fox be available?
                            A: Get them by antenna where available. There is no agreement yet like with CBS.

                            Marcia: Release date of 921?
                            A: Around the first of November. Watch the October Tech Forum.

                            Justin: Thank you for your support of the soldiers and your customer service.
                            A: You're welcome.

                            Anthony: 811/SuperDISH upgrade offer? Will all HD programming be on SuperDISH?
                            A: There will be. Yes, all will move there, transition will take well into next year.

                            Bill: Release date of 921?
                            A: Already answered. It's a new product, invariably there will be bugs and development hangups. Want to show it now so you can see what it is and decide if it's for you.

                            Rita Johnson. Stan is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


                            City #71 is Anchorage AK. On since 8/28. Missing NBC but Seattle's NBC is available for those in a white area of the Anchorage market.

                            Coming: Eugene, OR on 9/25. All 4 major networks.

                            New markets by the end of the year:

                            Using Dish500
                            Bakersfield CA, Santa Barbara CA, Eugene OR, Sherman TX - Ada OK, Hartford CT, Yakima WA

                            Using SuperDISH, coming Oct 16
                            Albany NY, Baltimore MD, Boise ID, Columbia SC, Columbus OH, Greensboro NC, Memphis TN, Richmond VA, Wichita KS

                            Using SuperDISH, by the end of the year
                            Charleston WV, Champaign IL, Chattanooga TN, Columbia-Jefferson City MO, Dayton OH, Duluth MN, Evansville IN, Ft Smith AR, Green Bay WI, Johnstown-Altoona PA, Lansing MI, Madison WI, Mobile AL, Milwaukee WI, Missoula MT, Savannah GA, South Bend IN, Springfield MO, Flint MI, Traverse City MI, Wilkes-Barre PA

                            Not every city listed may make it, for instance there is no retransmission agreement yet in Wilkes-Barre.

                            SuperDISH Antenna Upgrade
                            • $200 + $99 install, starts Nov 1, OR ...
                            • Free with 1-year commitment to AT50 or the HD package, expires 1-31-04[/list:u]Not clear now if it will be ready Oct 16 or Nov 1. More details when the LILs are up.


                              Boxing PPV, De La Hoya vs Mosley II, Sat 9/13 9pm (Eastern), $49.95

                              NHL Center Ice
                              • About 1000 out of market games
                              • Early Bird price: $139 or $46.33 x 3, available 9/8 - 10/7, then $159
                              • First game is 10/8
                              • Free preview 10/8 - 10/14[/list:u]Giveaway
                                Prize: autographed Avalanche jersey
                                Q: Joe Sakic was selected in the first round of the 1987 draft by the Quebec Nordeeks (sp?). What overall pick was he?

                                Will also have NBA this year, starts 10/28.


                                Kyle: Any lease option for the HD DVR?
                                A: Possibly in the future but will certainly have to be more than $10/mo, at least $25.

                                George W: Do we have to pay for new receivers to get the new features I've seen?
                                A: Technology continues to be developed in the time since you got your receiver. Some features can be downloaded as a software change, features dependent on hardware require a new receiver. We get a lot of requests for upgrade offers. We have to make a profit and find a balance between giveaways and monthly fees. There will be some dramatic offers for future products.

                                Various: Oxygen? MBC? New channels?
                                A (Michael Schwimmer): Still talking to Oxygen, not there yet. Willing to work something out with MBC, understand the need for more African-America programming on Dish.

                                Enrique: Has heard that Dish will offer 2006 South American World Cup games only on closed-circuit. Reconsider?
                                A: The rights are very expensive. Need to at least initially block the possibility of a residential account being used in a public venue.

                                Jersey goes to Dan in MT. Sakic was 15th pick.

                                Tech Forum on Mon Oct 13, 9pm (Eastern), ch 101

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