Dish Network wish list for the next six months?


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Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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Since E* has decided to give their customer this new HD package, wouldn't it be great if they could answer all our requests within the next six months? What would your wish list be if you have one as an E* subscriber?

(1) Make a preview of the new HD package before 9/16. There is a thread asking the same.
(2) Release the 721 software. It is time already.
(3) Make an affordable super-dish upgrade package to current subscribers. This will include super dish + 811 + 921 + installation.
(4) Make the 921 dishwire active. 25 hours of HD content can be used up very quickly now a days. We need this to be activated soon to archive HD programming.
(5) Get a contract with MLB for next season on the MLB EXTRA ININNG. You already carry NBA and NHL. The MLB will be next.
(6) Get YES network on board. NY needs it.
(7) Expand the number of receivers per account. Currently only 6/account. Why not add two more or up to 10 for residential customers. I understand the implication of doing this but six is good but 8 or 10 will be great.

I am sure I can find more but there are a few...
Ok here are my thoughts on your list. :)

(1) The HD Channels package will not appear Early, from what I understand getting the uplink configured and running by the 16th is doing it by the skin of their teeth.
(2) I agree :D
(3) They are indeed working on an upgrade package, Dish finally seems to understand that most of their HD customers are high dollar customers, its better to keep them happy then loose the $$$.
(4) That is something they are working on and they hope to have it available asap (hopefully on release)
(5) I was told last year that they would indeed do their best to get EI for the next season.
(6) Charlie once said on a Charlie Chat that if Cablevision added YES then he would have to add YES, Cablevision has had YES the entire season, lets hope Charlie puts yes up soon.
(7) No idea on this, I know their computers can handle more then 6 per account.

Good list!

Anyone else got any items for the wishlist?
(5) I was told last year that they would indeed do their best to get EI for the next season.
If Dish wants to make John's list of favorite companies, that is all they have to do. ;)
Allow their HD receivers that can also allow reception of 8VSB programming to function for a period of time without seeing a satellite. I understand that Dish doesn't want to sell STB's that won't be used with their service, but when you have a rain/snow outage (or a major problem with Dish) it would still be nice to be able to use the receiver you paid for. I'm not talking about a long time, 15 to 20 minutes would be enough.
1) Add The NHL Network full time to NHL Center Ice subscribers.
2) Pioneer, develop, or license further breakthrough compression schemes allowing for far more channels per transponder then are currently available.
3) Continue to keep price increases to the bare minimum.
4) Allow America's Top 100 customers access to all the Discovery channels.
5) G4 Network.
6) Charlie makes good on the assertion of being the HD leader.
7) Better software support for the PVR 721 among other receivers.
1) Get the Tivo functionality for DVRs
2) When doing locals, get all the stations up. Took 9 months for Vegas to get NBC, and we still don't have our local UPN or Telemundo station up.
3) The Sports Pak needs to have the same rules applied as DirecTV. Currently, in Vegas, with Sports Pak I get Angels and DBacks. With D*, I'd get Giants, A's, Dodgers, Angels and DBacks. It costs a little more, but it would be worth it during BBall season.

Why don't I switch? UHF Remote. I've created my own little "headend" in the garage. The triangle thing doesn't work for me so, unless D* goes w/UHF remotes, I'll be w/E* no matter what they do (or don't do). I'm not going HD for at least 2 years, so I'm set for now.
Have the 921 come available for a couple hundred LESS that $999, now that we have a fee
Yes, how about either...
$999 includes 921, SuperDish, and installation, or
$799 for 6000 owners plus $99 for SuperDish incl. installation
> Special SuperDish upgrade deal for new and existing customers

> Special 522 upgrade deal for existing subscribers without the additional outlet fee on the second tuner

> Have a good price on the 522 while dropping the price of the 510 receiver (since they are insistant on charging a DVR fee for it)

> Add additional channels to the HD package

> Come out with the new 721 software

> Come out with internet access on the 721 (probably wont happen within the next 6 months)

> Come out with the 111, 311, and 322 receivers
It would be great if Dish were to recognise Puerto Rico a little more. The transponders on E*VI, particularly 13,24,25 and 29 suffer from very low signal strength in PR. Possibly DISH could improve things by moving the CONUS locals to the E*VI transponders and put the mainstream CONUS programming onto the E*VIII transponders that are received at much better signal levels in PR.
If E* were to release a solid 721 upgrade, add YES and MLB EI - stop drooling - if that happened I'd be one extra happy E* customer! I might even have to be an E* cheerleader, but we will see about that one!
I wonder if there would be a special code required to get any SuperDish channels activated in which would be received when an installer receives training for installing the SuperDish.

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