Charter Cable in Western NC to get more Full-Time HD in August



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Sep 12, 2007
Charter sent the following EPG Message to Charter Cable Customers in Western NC (Asheville, NC) yesterday:

"Reelz Channel will be moving to channel 173 on August 13th 2008. Also check your local listings for our new HD channels coming in August; services may not be available in all areas."

(Note: See attached camera shot taken for verification.)

Sounds promising for new HD??? If anyone gets info in the mail, on their bill or comes across a find on the program guides (TitanTV, Zap2it, Yahoo! TV, etc.), please pass along.

Reelz has already moved to 173 on the Asheville System (was simulcast on 156 and 173 for a time).

Rumor has it that the new HD channels will be Discovery HD, TLC HD, Animal Planet HD and The Weather Channel HD. I'll update the posting once word has been officially received.

The channel lineup is currently the following (20 Full-Time HD; 3 Part-Time HD due to Sports Channels/occasional HD PPV Events):

770 - HDNet
771 - HDNet Movies
772 - BravesVision HD (part-time; only when games are aired on Charter Sports South via agreement with Peachtree TV)
773 - ESPN HD
774 - ESPN 2 HD
775 - HD Theater
777 - HBO HD
778 - Showtime HD
779 - Cinemax HD
783 - WLOS HD (ABC)
784 - WYFF HD (NBC)
786 - WHNS HD (FOX)
787 - WSPA HD (CBS)
788 - WUNF HD (PBS)
790 - Starz HD
792 - MHD
793 - Universal HD
794 - Golf/Versus HD
795 - A&E HD
796 - History HD
797 - TNT HD
798 - FSN South HD/SportSouth HD (part-time) (usually during Braves Home Games)
799 - HD PPV (part-time)


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Sep 12, 2007
Charter Cable to Add 5 HD Channels in Western NC/Upstate SC on August 13th

According to the flier mailed to its customers this week, Charter will be adding the following 5 New HD Channels on Wednesday, August 13th:
712 - The Weather Channel HD
713 - Discovery HD
714 - TLC HD
715 - Animal Planet HD
716 - TBS HD
In order to accommodate the upcoming HD additions, CSPAN2 will move from ch. 22 to ch. 92 and Inspirational Networks will move from ch. 18 to ch. 152, both becoming 'Basic Service Digital Only' (a.k.a. need Set-Top Box from Charter in order to view).
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