Charter Loses Another 90,000 Video Subscribers


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Dec 31, 2006
Charter Loses Another 90,000 Video Subscribers

Charter lost another 90,000 video subscribers last quarter as the nation's second-largest cable company continued to struggle with the rise of cord cutting, and the company's sloppy acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. That merger resulted in a flurry of price hikes for many of these subscribers, who also say they've seen worse customer service than ever before the wake of the deal. Yet Charter CEO Tom Rutledge, the nation's highest paid executive in any industry last year, told attendees of a company earnings call that "more of our customers are getting better products at better prices, which will drive higher customer satisfaction, lower churn and greater value into our business."

LUL, another fail!
Charter buying TWC and BHN and other small companies was the worst ever! They got crappy DVRs, their system is old school, they really need to update their stuff.
Overall charter has become a joke!
The only thing its keeping them afloat is their Internet service, they are at least competent, but AT&T is quickly expanding their 75Mbps/100 Mbps tiers at a lower price point when bundled.
If Charter keeps losing subscribers they will need to rethink their business model.
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