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Mar 19, 2006
Central San Joaquin Valley,CA.
I've been following the World Box for a while. My take is that some company sold them on the idea that they could put lipstick on a pig by essentially running web pages on all their old boxes to give them a modern interface. In practice, this hasn't really worked. The few field tests that were done had major issues and were rolled back. And this is just on simple cable boxes. They haven't even attempted it on DVRs yet, which is precisely what needs a new interface. They have had so many grand ideas, false starts and utter failures with new interfaces over the years that have resulted in nothing whatsoever, you can't trust anything they say. In the mean time, their competition has produced actual results. Motorola has a great modern GUI available, but Charter won't spend the money to get it. They insist on chasing every other cheap, half-assed scheme out there rather than biting the bullet and doing what it takes to buy or build a working solution.

Hopefully they will leverage what TWC is already successfully doing with their 6 tuner Enhanced whole home DVR system and let World Box die as it eventually will anyway. Or better yet, partner with Tivo again as they did in a few markets years ago. Adding On Demand to Tivo should be no problem if they have the will to do it. Other cable companies have done it.

The funny part of that article says there will be a world box with 16 tuners?Hmmm..sounds familiar?(Hopper3).
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