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Aug 23, 2004
Anyone know a place to move where I could get

1. Chicago locals
2. DNS feeds
3. HD Networks???

I realize this may be hard.

If I move to say "LA" I will get NBC CBS FOX ABC KCAL and KTLA correct? Will those channels show up on the low numbers? I realize this will not get me the Chicago locals though.

Finally anyone have problems moving?
Try Kentland, IN 47951
You would be a total white area :D between Chicago, Indianapolis, South Bend, IN and Champaign, IL, and also in Fox Midwest and Fox Chicago territory. I'm sure you'd be able to get Chicago locals and NY HD locals.
Look up an address online, and keep your billing address and phone number.
I did similar in WA state, and just act indecisive and say you'd like to keep your billing address -for now. :yes My Dad is still in NW Indiana, though in Chicago locals territory.
wow that would work.

Is this ok to do? Or is it not right? I am worried about it but it would be cool
I am not going to move. I dont want to get in trouble. Also my email address has changed. Can you tell me what you said in it.
I just asked that you let me know what the cost per network was(DNS).
I thought it was $1.50 but was charged $2.25/ network when I recently signed up. I don`t know if DTV has changed their prices recently or???

yes they did change their prices. I do have a few feeds via waivers and the price went up to $2.25 per network
So as not to start a new thread, how long should you wait before moving if you only recently signed up? Can the CSR see how recently you signed up on his or her screen? I'm assuming they can.
Wait, are you looking to move to an area so you can pick up the max locals? I am quite confuses as usual.

Could you set up a P.O. Box in some area where you can get a nice mix of locals and distants for free?
Please reply by conversation.

No 119

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