College Sports TV not yet on Dish, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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Sep 7, 2003
I noticed that on Oct 24th, CSTV will broadcast live the soccer match between Indiana and St Louis university. It is unbelievable that months after DirecTV added CSTV, that Dish has yet to add it. With my DHP commitment up on Oct 21st, it might be an easy decision to leave Dish.

The only hangup, is that I got the ESPN gameplan from Dish. I'm not sure how that would be handled. I assume Dish wouldn't refund the money, so what's the least I could subscribe to with Dish, til the college football season is over?
You are correct, you would not get a refund for your ESPN Gameplan. Because you are on DHP when you cancel your subscription you lose your equipment, so you couldnt really keep the ESPN package.

BTW I don't consider it spam, the more informed people are the better. I have seen a few posts at all 3 sites, nothing wrong with that in my book. :)
Kevin, are you talking about posting the question here and at DBSTalk, or posting it here in this forum, and the sports forum? Either way, you have a different definition of spam than I do.

Anyway, once my DHP commitment is up, I assume I'll be on a month to month contract, and could keep Dish til the college football season is over, and pay the $5 inactive fee, and become a DirecTV customer. If Dish would just add CSTV, I'd be a happy camper.
I was refering to here & the sports forum. Maybe spam wasn't the right word to use. It is my opinion that posting a question only once at a site is easier for both the poster and responders to keep track of. :?
True enough, I posted it in the sports forum, then thought more would see it here, so I posted it here too.
I don't know, I can watch it fine on DirecTV. <- James being a troll...

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