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Sep 7, 2003
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Ok I told you guys I would take some new screen shots of the latest 721 Beta, and I could not have done it at a better time, as tonight we received a new update with some redone screens (same functionality, just improved screens) :)

As an SatelliteGuys.US exclusive look here we go!
(Notice - In order to view the pictures you must be a registered member and logged in - This is a bug in the system and I will look into fixing it in the morning)

Let's start off with the feature most people are looking forward to, The Weather!
Triple Timer Conflict Screen

Here is another feature a lot of people have been waiting for, this is the Triple Timer Conflict Screen!
Well its not TiVo, but then again I can't get weather on my TiVo. :p

Great look at the Beta Scott!
Inactivity Power Off

Another new feature is one that will extend the life of your 721. It is called the Inactivity Mode. What it does is after 4 hours of no button presses on your remote it will turn off the power to your hard drive.

When this mode is about to kick in a notice appears on the screen telling your unit is about to go to sleep, if you press any key on your 721 or remote this mode is aborted, however if it kicks in the power is turned off to your hard drive, and a Dish Network Screen Saver appears on your screen with a message saying "Press any key to continue." When you press a key the hard drives power back up.

BTW I wanted to get these pictures up tonight so I didn't wait 4 hours for the above screens to appear for a screen capture. :)

This mode will greatly extend the life of the hard drive in your 721, I HIGHLY advise you use this feature. :)
Prefrences Screens

It's been so long since I first got this beta, I forgot if anything was added to the Prefrences screens, so for the benefit of everyone here are the two prefrences screens. :)
Thanks Scott.

I am looking forward to getting ANY new software for my 721. It was so slow tonight (I have not re-booted it in over a week) that I thought I was using my DishPlayer.
New Dish Aiming Screens!

Ok here come a bunch of screens that many of you may be interested in, here is the new Dish Pointing Screens!

Besides its sharp new look you will Notice a new addition in the menu, the SuperDish!
Check Switch / Switch Matrix

And finally here are the new Switch Matrix Screens, please note I do not currently have a SuperDish, and am using a SW-64 switch to feed my 721.

The Dish Engeneers have done something AMAZING with the Check Switch, the old version use to take a week and a day to do a check switch (ok maybe not that long :D) now on my SW-64 the Check took only 30 seconds!

I bet on a DishPro setup it would be even faster!
In Closing...

Well those are the screens. :)

But the upcoming software release contains more then new features, it contains some major bug fixes, in fact every bug I remember seeing reported is fixed in this software!

This software is VERY stable! I have not had to reboot my 721 in a long long time! In fact the last time I rebooted my 721 was so I could take the latest beta software install!

Of course in saying this I will add the disclaimer that your results may be different then mine due to differences in hardware, cabling, power conditions or other reasons. But I happen to know a few testers of this software who have reported the same great results I posted above. Keep your fingers crossed!

A big hats off to Dan Minnick and his 721 team, once you have this software you will understand how much work was done to get this to you!

I am told that this software will be made available before the end of the month to everyone! I know you guys have been waiting a LONG LONG time for this software, and I hope after its released you will agree with me that it was well worth the wait!

Thanks for visiting SatelliteGuys.US, I hope you found this exclusive information interesting! Visit us often, a lot of exclusives to come. :)
one question Scot re the triple timer conflict.
Maybe I just didn't see it but it seems there is no SKIP ONCE function.
It would be nice to skip a show 1 time without having to redo the timer.

can you confirm?

again, thanks as always...great job
Sorry about that.

all 3 of your timers are one time only recordings it will not give you the skip this even once option.

If you have a timer that fires daily, weekly, etc you can select "Skip this timer 1 time"

See the screen shot below I just took for you. :)
I don't see any of the pictures, just the text of the messages. How do I get to see the screen shots?
Guest, you might have to be logged in. This software we are running does NOT support file attachments by default so I needed to program it to access file attachments.

Since this mod I did is new, I do not know all the features of it (such as allowing guests to view them)

Its a new site with new software, I will get the hang of it soon. :)

Thanks for your understanding.
Thanks for posting this Scott! Looks awesome. The only thing that looks the same is the two viewer preference screens.

I thought that I had read somewhere that this software is the same or similar to what the 921 will have. Do you know if that is the case?

Scott, have you done any rainfade testing yet? My 721 works really well until it rains. If it rains it either doesn't record and I have to reboot, or it self reboots. Any help with that problem?

PS ( the good news is that it has been so try here in Oklahoma the last year it really hasn't been a problem until the other day when it rained 8")
Rainfade for me is few and far between, but when I have had it I get a screaan saying that it lost signal. When I have rainfade I have not had my 721 reboot.

Whats wierd if you watch a show you were recording it will start and stop each time the signal comes in, but it tries its hardest to record the entire show. :)
mikew said:
Scott, is the timer icon enabled/disabled the blinky clock 5 minutes before a program? Why isn't yours enabled?
Simple answer, because I do not want to see the clock blinking at me. :D

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