Scott, any news on new HD programming?


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Sep 9, 2003
We have been waiting for the big news. You have been hinting over the past few weeks that you had some big news coming. What is it? I cannot wait any longer. Like a kid at HD Christmas...
Actually Charlie did goof up and announce one HD channel that he was not suppose to add yet.

Durring his confrence with retailers Charlie told us a bunch of HD channels were coming to 105, he said that they could not announce the channels yet, he then later listed all the Channels Dish Network carries and he accidently announced Starz HD as being one of the HD Channels Dish currently carries.

Later Michael Schwimmer came out and told us they indeed had more HD coming but could not announce yet, he told us he just purchased an HDTV and was now an HDTV fan, he wants more HDTV,

Also Michael Schwimmer said that he was going to have more good news but could not announce it now, but he did give a hint that baseball fans would be happy next season.

And for the big news it appears that all the HD at 110, will STAY at 110! We were told that all future HD Channels will be added to 105 and that we would probably want a SuperDish ASAP. :)

Its good to see the wheels turning at Dish. :)
Scott Greczkowski said:
Also Michael Schwimmer said that he was going to have more good news but could not announce it now, but he did give a hint that baseball fans would be happy next season.
:arrow: :mrgreen: I'm HAPPY!!!
Can you enlighten me on baseball fans being happy next year. Does that mean ESPN-HD will be broadcasting a few games a week in HD or does it mean another channel like INHD that will offer additional baseball games? Is there another channel that I'm not aware of?

Also, to get the Starz channel, will we have to subscribe to the regular Starz channel? I get the HBO/Cinemax combo deal and rarely have time to watch movies. My priorities are sports and news...
No I have a feeling the baseball announcement has nothing to do with HD.

If I were a guy reading between the lines I would say MLB Extra Innings is coming to Dish next season.

I saw this because he was talking about Hockey and Basketball, then mentioned that while he can't announce anything now he believes Major League Baseball fans will be happy in the spring. :)

Also Michael Schwimmer announced that the $9.99 HD package price was future proof meaning that when they launch more HD channels the price will not go up.

If I were a betting man I would bet on some announcements on the November Charlie Chat. :)
Wonder if this means an agreement with YES has been reached? It would seem weird to show all baseball teams except the Yankees.
Eventually the price would go above $9.99 when they get a huge amount of HD channels up. I think they would have to include them in basic packages once they have a huge amount of HD channels because people will not be willing to pay $20 or $30 in addition to the basic packages. Either that or they could charge $10 if you subscribe to a basic package because some would order just the $10 package that may offer just about as many if not more basic channels than what is offered in AT 50/100/150 for a heck of a lot cheaper.
Mike, there was a post in the board feedback section about the date and time thing. Seems as if the SW corrupted a setting in some people's records. I found Scitts post about it.

To fix your time issue go to your profile and set your Date Format to as follows

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That will fix your problem.

I am working on fixing this.