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Sep 5, 2006
Marysville, OH
Hi All,

I've been contemplating the switch from TWC to D* or E*, and D* is my preference. For me, it came down to channel lineup and cost. I can get the channels I want more cheaply with D* it seems.

I have a couple of questions. First, I'm fairly certain I'll have a roof install, so I really want to get an installer that is trustworthy and can do a great job. I'm in the Marysville, Ohio area, not too far from Columbus.

Second, I would want two DVRs, one an HD DVR, so I'm thinking in order to keep the interfaces the same I'd want to get an R15 and an HR20, when available. I've already run dual RG6 and phone lines to the two locations, so just need the satellite dish and the cables to the distribution point in the basement run. If I want to minimize upfront costs, and try to get the best deal possible, how would I order? Would I go through DirecTV and specify the installer, or can the installer order for me and get the best deal. Don't mind being "locked in" for a better deal.

Is it correct that the HR20's will be available for installs in the next week or two? If so, I don't mind waiting...but if longer, what are my options?

Anyway, thanks so much for the help you've provided through the posts I've already read, and for the help on these questions!



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Apr 18, 2004
Access Integration is working on a dealer/installer realtionship with Directv right now. They have a couple of contractors that have been doing Sat installs already.

Other than that, they (Directv) usually have Bluegrass Communications do it.

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Feb 9, 2005
Welcome to Satelliteguys Ace.

I'll PM you with info.

It's Bluegrass Satellite, a division of JBM Inc.

Bluegrass has contracted out installs to several sub-contractors, contrary to an agreement they made in Federal court.

Edit- I just re-read my post and don't mean to denegrate anyone. Bluegrass is going against a Federal agreement. There are other dealers in central Ohio not affiliated with them.
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