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Nov 2, 2006
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I thought I would start a monthly thread to outline the "coming attractions" from around the sports world. It will feature a comprehensive list of events and the dates on which they are scheduled to occur. I designed this list to serve as a monthly outlook/reference for all sports fans so you can mark your calenders and plan around these all important dates!

If any reader feels that I am missing a significant event/date, please PM and I will consider amending the list.

And so without further adu, I present you with....

The Coming Attractions for the Month of June:

June 4- Stanley Cup (Wings @ Penguins): Game 6
June 5- NBA Finals (Lakers @ Celtics): Game 1
June 7- Stanley Cup (Penguins @ Wings): Game 7*
June 7- Belmont Stakes
June 7 & 8- French Open Finals
June 7-29- Euro Cup Soccer
June 8- NBA Finals (Lakers @ Celtics): Game 2
June 10- NBA Finals (Celtics @ Lakers): Game 3
June 12- NBA Finals (Celtics @ Lakers): Game 4
June 12-15- U.S. Open Golf
June 13- College World Series begins
June 15- NBA Finals (Celtics @ Lakers): Game 5*
June 17- NBA Finals (Lakers @ Celtics): Game 6*
June 19- NBA Finals (Lakers @ Celtics): Game 7*
June 20 & 21- NHL Draft
June 23- Wimbledon begins
June 26- NBA Draft
June 26- 29- U.S. Women's Open Golf

*if necessary

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Thought you said Attractions *I kid*

<<< kinda a meat an potatoes guy, Football and Baseball is all I can emotional attach myself to. he he.

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