Commission Drops Talk of DBS Auction


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Sep 8, 2003
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The Federal Communications Commission dropped discussion of the on-again/off-again auction of DBS licenses located at non full-CONUS orbital locations from its Thursday meeting agenda.

The commission was set to consider an order resolving issues related to the proposed auction of the DBS licenses, an effort that included discussion on the eligibility for DBS licenses currently available. No reason was given for the dropped agenda item.

The auction includes four licenses for unassigned channels at these orbital locations: 175 degrees, 166 degrees, 157 degrees, and 61.5 degrees.
dlsnyder said:
148 and 157 cover the west just as well as 61.5 covers the east.

And if DISH Network gets transponders on 157, customers can use a dish 500 to get both slots. They could put a lot of western U.S. locals on 148 and 157 (they will be moving internationals from 148 to 121 so that is going to free up a lot of space). For a lot of people that would be a much better solution then that 36 inch monstrosity that they call the SuperDish.
Perhaps they will have a Dish500 for 148 and 157 for those on the west coast for locals in some of the smaller markets. I wonder if people would rather have two Dish500's up than a 36 inch wide SuperDish?
I believe the SuperDish is 26 inches wide, not 36. It does look huge though in comparison to the normal DBS dishes.
I have been hearing 26 inches wide and 36 inches wide. Does anyone have any information on this dish that would finally prove the correct size of the dish? I heard that it was 36 inches from the latest reports.

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