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I just got my Dishnet and I noticed that it takes a second or two to switch
between channels. Is this normal? Do I need different equipment? I switched from cable.

Equipment is Dish500 and 301 receiver
Switching channels on Dish/Direct is going to be a bit slower than cable because Dish/Direct channels are "digital" whereas your cable system was (probably) analog. Digital channels are sent in a format whereby every so often a full frame of information is sent and then only the "difference" between the current frame and that reference frame is sent (this is part of the "compression" scheme) until there are more difference data points than initial data points and so another full frame is sent. So, when you change channels, the equipment must "wait" until a full "I" frame is received before it can display it to you. This is what you are observing. In the analog world, you change channels and the TV just starts painting the screen in the next 1/30 of a second. It can be a bit annoying/frustrating at first, but then you get used to it, after a fashion. Welcome to the digital world! :D

You should practice browsing using the program guide rather than using channel up/down buttons.

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