Complicated Directv/NRTC question (Long)

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I apologize in advance for the cross posting. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate forum for this question.

I am interested in getting DirecTV with Tivo and may or may not have a potential problem with the service. Here’s my situation (sorry that it is a bit long and convoluted).

I currently live in an area that is served by DirecTV, however, I live very close to, and actually used to live in, an area served by NRTC. In fact, when I got my satellite TV about 5 years ago, I was still living in NRTC territory. When I moved soon afterwards, less than 10 miles away(now in DirecTV territory), I kept my service through the NRTC (with their knowledge). Until recently, I did not know that what I was doing was not completely on the up and up. We do not have local networks available here, and so I was able to get waivers for all of the networks, including NBC, which I am listed as having Grade B strength for. I think my NRTC provider may have had something to do with us getting the networks.

If that wasn’t tricky enough, I now want to upgrade my service to Directivo PVR. I can foresee a couple of potential problems or questions with this change. Here they are:

1) I can get a very good price on a unit with install though one of the online companies as long as I am a new customer. It is my understanding, that since I am an NRTC customer, even though I am getting DirecTV, I am NOT a currently DirecTV customer. Is that correct?
2) If #1 is correct, then can I assume I can get the new customer deals on Directivo (unit, new double LNB dish + install)? If so, would you recommend I take down my old dish before the installer comes?
3) If I do get new service, I would definitely like to get the networks. Since we do not get the locals here, I would like to get the network feeds. I have already gotten waivers from all of the local affiliates for my *current address* in association with my NRTC service (even though, as stated above, I am not in an NRTC service area). Would it be possible to transfer these waivers over to my new Directivo service? If not, I guess I would have to take my chances and try to get waivers again. Any other suggestions?

Thanks to everyone who read this long note. I’d appreciate any input (as long as flames are kept to a minimum). My guess is I have a slightly unusual situation.


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